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apartment and office building logo

apartment and office building logo 1580 Pre-made custom logo for sale. Complete rights would be transferred to you when you purchase the logo design along with its professional customization offered by the designer.

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apartment and office building logo
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Exclusive and Trademarkable
  Each custom logo is sold once only. So once you buy the design all rights would be transferred to you enabling you to trademark your brand.
  Professional customization included in the price. This includes text, colour and minor design modifications.
High resolution original final files
  You would receive original vector files (EPS format) as well as full resolution JPG format. Additional files would be delivered upon request free of any additional charge.
Money Back Guarantee
  Which means if you don't like the design get your refund straightaway. Not a single penny would be charged.

Exclusive Logo 1580, apartment and office building logo
Building Logos
Real Estate
2021-01-14 Published


This is a customized logo that combines the emblems of apartment and office building created with squares, rectangles and linework designed with white and other colours inspired by sand which gives the design a rigid look. Highly suitable for real estate services, construction companies as well as other related businesses.

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