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Invitation Design

Invitations are a formal way of inviting someone to some event. They can be used for weddings, company special events, special school events, etc. It may just be a piece of paper containing venue name and location and timings of the party or event but it is considered respectful to invite someone using invitation cards rather than by word of mouth or by an informal text. Just as giving an invitation is important, decorating it or customizing it is just as important. If your invitation is bland and plain, it will seem like you didn’t care for the event or anything. If you are looking for having customized designs for your invitations then we are offering you:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Print ready files
  • Value of your money
  • 24/7 online support

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The designers selected by us to do the job of designing invitation cards are those that have a great deal of experience when it comes to designing these cards. To the normal person, there might not be much difference between some types of cards like wedding and engagement cards, for example, but there is actually a significant amount of difference and thus, it should be designed carefully. Here are some of the types of invitation cards that are pretty commonly ordered by customers:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Party invitations
  • Meeting invitations
  • Engagement invitations

Engagement Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Meeting Invitation

Get the right Invitation design for your event

You don’t need to sit and wonder about what type of invitation card should be designed for you instead you only need to reach out to us with the details of your event and your preferences for the design, if you have any, and we will do the job of thinking and designing for you. Depending on the type of event it is and which designer has more experience designing cards for that kind of event, we will assign the designer and when he is done, you can choose the design you like the most. Here are some features of our website which could be beneficial for you:

Team of talented designers

One designer will be selected with the task of designing but some other experienced designer(s) will also evaluate the design so as to ensure it is not missing anything or done improperly. In this way, the designers will be working as a team!

Print ready files and their ownership

Files that will be submitted to you at the end will be ready to use and you will also have complete ownership rights of the files.

Reasonable pricing

The pricing plan for various packages has been given on the home page of the website but if you feel you cannot afford it, we are here to help you out by deciding a reasonable price suitable to your needs.

The invitation cards were marvelous

The wedding cards that I had ordered from them were delivered very quickly and service was fast. At first, I thought that they probably haven’t put in a lot of effort since the designs had been done in an instant but they were delicate and elegant like we had wanted and the whole process of designing and everything was done faster than I imagined! I have already recommended your website to some close friends of mine!

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