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T-Shirt Design

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Tshirt Design

Having a customized T-Shirt can either be for your company for promotional purposes or for your personal needs and it is pretty trendy and cool when you have a customized T-Shirt. Although not many people like to have customized shirts for their personal interests but most companies used customized shirts as a form of marketing and professionalism. In the same way, customized t-shirts can also be used for gifting to someone. Similarly, there are many other reasons for a t-shirt to be designed. So, if you want a unique and cool design for a shirt, you can order from our website and the designers will create a trendy design for you!

Although there are many companies and sites that offer this service, here are some reasons why you should use our service and order from here:

  • Affordable prices
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Print ready files
  • Full copyright and ownership
  • Excellent and cooperative service

Your Design is just
a click away

For the sake of your ease and comfort, we have hired some of the best designers to help you in creating the design of your choice and getting the full value of your money. Our designers can design any and all kinds of t-shirts that you might need so don’t hesitate to ask! Here are some examples of t-shirt designs our designers can make:

  • Company shirts
  • Jersey shirts
  • Brand shirt
  • Employee uniform shirts

Jersy Design

Company Tshirt

Brand Tshirt

Get the right shirt design for you

Shirt designs are pretty special as they are not like other designs that you see on the internet or on a poster or paper. They need to look good on the shirt and also have good quality as fabrics can be stretched and washed and it shouldn’t lose its shape or color. At the same time, the shirt design needs to be trendy to catch people’s attention or otherwise the design is a waste. Employee uniforms are a crucial part of a workplace and the designs should look good enough so that it doesn’t look too weird and it doesn’t look like you’re blatantly trying to promote your brand. All these things have to be considered when designing a shirt design and that’s why our designers are equipped with the best tools and knowledge to put them to good use when designing the shirt.

Here are some of our qualities that you will benefit from, should you order from us:

Platform of expert designers

After clicking the order button, you will be matched with a designer and a project manager who will be in touch with you throughout the design process and send you multiple creative designs for you to choose from.

Total freedom of the files

As soon you’re done choosing, the designer will then finalize the design and send it over to you in full ready format so you can get started and use the design however you like! And you won’t even have to worry about copyright as it will be all yours!

Customized pricing suited to your budget

If you are on a budget, don’t worry. We have some attractive packages that you can choose from. If you can’t find a suitable package, you can even talk to some of our staff and request for a special custom package and we will try to assist you in any way we can!

Fixed Pricing for multiple
design concept

We have four level to fit your budget and design needs.








Design concepts 06 12 16 20
Money-back 100%
Full copyright ownership
Mid & top level designers
Top level designers only
Dedicated mananger
Prioritized support

The new design had us jumping with joy

Employee uniforms are pretty crucial to any workplace and they can become pretty boring if they aren’t changed up every now and then. Buy Custom Logo helped us to change up the employee uniforms every now and then and introduce and experiment with some new trends! It feels as if the shirt is a canvas and the designer is an artist! Thank you for creating such wonderful artwork!

Rosalyn Bolton

Buy Custom Logo


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