How is your T-shirt designed?

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  17 Aug 2019

T shirts are a basic form of clothing that is worn by many. And that is why it is also used for promotional, branding and gifting purposes. It can work just fine as uniforms, gifts and so much more. That is why there are many reasons why you would want a customized T-shirt. Here are some of the steps that you have to take when you want to have a T-shirt customized by a designer:

I. Reason for the shirt

There are many reasons for designing a custom t-shirt design. What is your reason? You need to think about why you want to design the shirt or get it designed by someone else. It could be for promotional purposes, uniforms, gifts or even souvenirs.

  • Promotional purposes

Sometimes, when you go to some event, there are different activities being held and some games being played. When you win those games, you get some sort of a prize and it's usually a customized mug or T-shirt and more. This is how most companies use T-shirts for a promotional purpose. Everyone likes games and free stuff. So, when people are playing the games, they earn a t-shirt prize and it works to make both teams happy. The customers are happy to get a free prize and the company is happy to have given away a promotional gift! This is an effective strategy of promoting something because it is another way of getting your company name out there in a creative way. Not many people pay attention to the billboards and TV ads and yet, if they spot a good design on a shirt, they will want to know where it was purchased from. So, in this way, without you knowing, you could earn a lot of customers without much effort. This is why you should be careful with the design and make something that catches the eye of the common public and attracts them.

  • Uniforms

Uniforms are a very important part of an institute whether it is an educational institute or a professional institute. There are many workplaces and educational institutes that do not have uniforms but there are also many that do. Uniforms are proven to boost employee morale and motivation. These uniforms are, of course, promotional in a way too so it's like a 2-in-1 shirt. These uniforms can help to identify which person is a worker and which isn't and thus, it can help the employees and the customers recognize each other. Company uniforms also show a sort of uniformity and unity among the workers. Same goes for educational institutions, uniforms help the students to have a sense of unity and it shows that no matter which area the person lives in or what cast he belongs to, they are all equal in this institute and there should be no discrimination. Some people think that uniforms are very formal and all, but it actually just depends on the person designing the uniform. If you want to have a uniform in the company but you don't want it to be too formal, then just the design it so that it reflects a playful, cheerful vibe.

  • Merchandise

You can design t-shirts for any reason whatsoever. And that means you can also just start a t-shirt business and have uniquely designed t-shirts printed and sold. It is all up to you. You can also use customized t-shirts for a personal event or party you want to host like for a birthday party, etc. Nowadays, there are also many YouTubers who make certain videos online and have generated a huge fanbase and they have also introduced some customized merchandise like mugs, shirts, stationary and more. So, many people can use this as a personally customized way of promotion or just for their own needs. But, you should keep in mind that if you're designing for a reason like opening your own business with customized t-shirts, you need to know what's in trend at all times. You should have the research skills to be able to find out what could be in trend for a long period of time and what couldn't.

  • Event souvenirs

There are many events that are held and those that are not hosted by any organizations for the launch of their new product or for promoting their product line and all that. There are events such as concerts and charity events also. These events have some customized shirts for, again promotional purposes, and also as souvenirs. These are designed in a very unique and catchy manner as they are used for the events and want to get the audience's attention.

So, before starting anything, you should be certain of what you want and why because depending on the type of shirt, your design will have some differences and different points of focus.

II. Your budget limit and print choice

Before you begin to look for a suitable designer or start designing your shirt by yourself, you need to think about the amount of money you are going to invest into it and what quality of print do you want. There are different types of print quality and one must know them all to be sure of which print they will go with and if it suits their budget. So, first fix a price, according to the print of your choice, that you will want to work with.

III. Types of printing

There are many types of printing that can be used for printing designs onto the t-shirts. Some printing types are more expensive than others, and that is why you should know these types so you can adjust your quantity and budget according to the type you want and its price. Here are some of the commonly used types:

  • Screen printing

Screen printing is an affordable but reliable method. It is best for if you want to print a bulk of t-shirts. But it can turn out to be pretty costly if you want to use multiple colors in one design and also if you want to make any changes to the design.

  • Vinyl printing

Vinyl printing uses vinyl instead of ink and it is more durable than ink. It's texture and look is such that the design shines, literally, out of the shirt. This is a great print option for if you want your design to stand out but it is not a good option for bulk orders. It is also not ideal for if you want to print a design with lots of colors and also, if it is a complicated design.

  • Print-on-demand

This type of printing will give you a lot of choices when it comes to colors and detailed designs. You can easily print out such designs but it is not recommended for bulk orders and it also won't work on dark colored garments.

IV. Think about what you want

Now, after knowing all the details of printing types and shirt types, you have to come up with a design sketch now. Of course, if you can't come up with one, that's okay because that's usually the reason why designers are hired in the first place. But, if you have some idea in your mind that you want to print on your shirt, then now is the time to do it. A designer can polish and finalize your design, if you want, but you will have to provide him with a sketch. Either this, or just hire a designer to make some design sketches for you to choose from. If, you are designing by yourself, there are a few things you'll have to think about:

  • Design patterns and images

You'll have to come up with some design or pattern for your shirt and you need to be sure that the design you are sketching will match your company image and give the audience an idea about your company. The design needs to be such that it doesn't contrast the company purpose and makes the audience misunderstand. Of course, if your shirt is being designed for a personal reason, you will still need to be careful of what you're putting onto the shirt and what the others will perceive it as.

  • Typography

The font chosen for your shirt should be done carefully. If you want to design a playful, childish shirt, comical and fun fonts might be a good suggestion. Otherwise, if you're designing something formal, Times New Roman would be a good option. In this way, you can choose a font according to the vibe you're going for and the type of t-shirt you are designing.

  • Color

Color is one of the most important things to look at and send a certain message. So, you have to be sure to use color wisely and use such color combinations that they look good together and make everything stand out. There are some colors that look brighter on screen but can look dull on cloth, especially if the cloth is not white. So, when you are choosing the colors for your design, you have to sure to choose such colors that won't look too different on the cloth you will be printing them on. If you are using such colors, however, you should use a great printer which will be able to print out those colors almost perfectly.

V. Design it

Now, you have to decide about who is going to design your shirt. You can do it yourself or hire a designer, the choice is up to you.

  • DIY

If you're on a tight budget, this option is probably best for you. But remember that there is always a significant difference between the work of an expert and the work of an amateur. So, if you are looking to design a t-shirt for a professional purpose, it'd be better if you don't do it yourself, unless you're experienced.

  • Designer

You can either hire a freelance designer, or go for a design contest or even hire a design agency. Depending on your budget, you should choose one and get started. The services provided to you by them may have a level of difference but they will still be better than if you get it designed by an amateur.

VI. Print it out

Once the designer has done his job and sent you the files, you need to find a good printer. You had already decided the type of print you wanted in the beginning so now, you need to find that kind of printer. If you had the t-shirts designed for your company, chances are they'll have a good printer, maybe even the one you wanted, and you can print it out. But, if you have done it for your own personal needs, you might need to put in a little effort to find the right printer and have it printed at some fee, if you don't have it at home.

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