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Our Promise: 100% Satisfaction or 100% Money-Back.

When you buy a logo from our marketplace, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Which means if you are not satisfied with the logo purchase, you will get the complete refund straight away with no questions asked. We would love to hear feedback from you in such a case but that is also optional.

However, only the following conditions apply to this:

1) You will not be able to receive the refund if you have requested and received the original vector file of the logo design. If you order the logo without any changes, the designer will deliver the original files straightaway which would mean the refund option will no longer be available. However, if you order logo with modifications, the vector file will only be available after you approve the design by looking at the preview of the customized logo.

2) You have the option to request the refund of your order within 30 days from the point you have purchased logo.

3) If you purchase a logo for the purpose of entering into a contest or presenting it as a concept to your client and are unable to win, Buy Custom Logo will not be liable to offer you the refund.

If you have any questions please click on the chatbox below and one of our design consultants would be there instantly to assist you with your concerns.

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