What makes a good logo?

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  25 July 2017

Logos can be designed by a number of people but it’s the skill level of the person that will determine what the logo ultimately looks like to the audience. It could be done neatly and nicely or could be done messily and speedily. Here are some elements that should be present in a logo if it is to be a great logo:

  • It should be simple

You have probably already noticed how popular companies and businesses around us have a simple logo. Take the example of Apple, Target, Netflix, Facebook and so on. The products and services of such businesses are being used worldwide by tons of people. And those who don’t use them are also able to recognize their logo because of their popularity. Now, anyone would look at these examples and think, how they were able to pull it off with a logo as simple as that? Well, the answer to your question is that they choose simplicity for their logo designs. It is not that they didn’t have the money to be able to make a more extravagant logo, rather they, themselves, chose simplicity as nothing can beat simplicity of a logo design. Simplicity is something that gives an aesthetic look to certain things and also it is not something that would “fall out” of the trend. Moreover, a simple logo works to highlight the key parts of a business and it’s personality. So, simplicity is a key element that should be incorporated into a logo design if you want a great logo design. Your design shouldn’t be too over-crowded or an over-complicated design.

  • It should be memorable

People are more likely to remember images and attractive color combinations than they will remember text. And they will also remember those images that are simple. So, instead of going for an abstract logo design, go for a simple one with an image that represents and matches your company. That way, the audience is more likely to remember your brand and associate it with the object in your logo. You can also try to incorporate your company name into the logo and then the audience will remember your name along with the logo. Take the example of some popular brands like Nike, McDonald, Shell, Puma and so on. They made attractive logo designs and made it simple as well. Finally, they added in their company name and it made it memorable. Now, their logo can be recognized by anyone who sees it whether they write their company name or not. You should know how to use simple colors and effects to make your logo distinctive and memorable.

  • It should be timeless

Let’s take the example of another popular brand here to explain this point: Coca Cola. Coca Cola has been around for a long long time and so, even if people haven’t drank it, they definitely know of it. If we look into the past, with the exceptions of a few times, Coca Cola has never changed their logo. They sometimes altered it but it was never changed completely. In addition to that, they had designed their logo using a font that they themselves had created. This further caused the logo to be timeless and memorable. Now, whenever this font is used by anyone else for whatever reason, it is immediately associated with Coca Cola. This is how you make a logo timeless and memorable. Some companies change their logo every ten years or so and this causes the value or remembrance of a brand to drop. If the same logo is used by the company for years and years, then it engraves into the memory of the audience.

  • It should be versatile

Your logo will not just be used in some places, rather it is going to be used in a number of places like stationary, billboards, postcards, flyer and much more. Your logo must be designed in such a way that no matter where it is used, it looks good and does not get pixelated or warped when expanded or minimized. Versatility means that the logo is designed such that it can be used anywhere and in any color scheme and still look good. Since it’s not just the size we have to worry about, there is also the issue of colors. A logo can be printed onto a magazine or in black and white or even with reverse colors, and it should look as captivating as it did in its original first form. If the logo still does look good after trying on all these situations, then it is really versatile!

  • It should be appropriate

Your logo should match your brand meaning. Let’s look at the example of ToysRUs. They used a childish, comical font to connect with kids and show their audience what their business is about. It is not important for a business to put a picture of the products they are selling. Apple doesn’t have a phone in their logo and neither does Samsung. This shows that having an icon for the item you are selling in your logo, is not important. You should pay attention to other things besides that. Different shapes and different colors all have different meanings and they should be studied carefully before they are used in the logo.

  • It should be unique

A good logo should be unique and should not be made such as to follow the latest trend. If a person pays more attention to making a logo that is trendy rather than one that is unique, timeless and memorable, he will have to keep changing his logo whenever the trend ends. This is because the logo is not timeless at all. It is just something that is attractive for a short time but then later, when there is a new trend in the market, people will thick the logo is outdated. In order to avoid this, you need to focus on paying attention to making a logo so that it stands the test of time!

  • Pay attention to colors

Before settling on a color scheme, one should know all the meanings portrayed by different colors in a logo. It is important to have that kind of knowledge and it is also important to not use a lot of colors into the logo. The logo will look like it has been filled by a child who was learning to color, if you fill it! The maximum limit of colors you should go for should be three. One should also be careful that if there are more than one colors being used in the logo design , they should enhance or contrast each other so it looks good.

Paying attention to all these factors when designing a logo will surely get you a great memorable, versatile, timeless and unique logo! Be sure that your designer has all these values in mind when you hire him. One way to know for sure if he does, is asking for his design process and what is most important to him when designing a logo.

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