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What makes a good logo?

Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  26 Feb 2020

A company logo is a visual representation of the presence of an organization in a sector. Potential clients may gage the enterprise of a firm, the principles and products or services it provides by gazing at its logo. So most companies like their company emblem to be exclusive, impressive, and engaging. All major companies had iconic logos which even become part of the culture. A logo template is a framework on which to create the brand. A company emblem is usually a visual image, or a sign with or endorsing a brand name. It can be a logotype with a company name, such as the Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes of a popular Auto-mobile company.

Here are some things that we should know about how to make a good logo for any company.

  • 1. It should be Memorable:

One of the main characteristics of a logo is that making it easy to memorize should be very straightforward and practical and should be appealing to the public. If an icon that is important to the name of the company is used in the emblem, the logo becomes more recognizable. If the logo is the mixture of name and icon, it will make the logo even more iconic, and will also help customers through that logo to recognize the company. Your graphic design has to be exclusive so it catches the customer's interest.

  • 2. It has a Purpose:

A good logo should have a purpose, it should have a message that defines the essence of company and business. Such a logo reflects the business values of the company. This helps customers to understand what business a company runs behind the logo and what they do.

  • 3. The logo should be Unique:

The logo should have a unique design. That means that the logo should not have repeated elements. The company logo should be unique that people can distinguish between 100 more logos available in front of him/her. For example, a very well known company which was started by non-other Jack Ma himself, Amazon. Amazon logo has an Arrow in it which start from alphabet A to Z, which means that Amazon has all Brand and Products that are starting from A to Z. It also represents the smiles that customers would experience by shopping on the Amazon.

  • 4. It should be simple:

One of the most important indicators of a decent logo is that it's a simple design. There is something unique and compelling about it, at the same moment. All the logos of the global company are usually simple compositions without requiring any complications. It should be a simple, stable, and seamless product, but engaging. The business logo's simplicity is not unintentional but it does have a reason. The goal of holding the elements to a minimal is to ensure that the emblem remains identifiable by audiences. The identity must be unforgettable for a company to compete in the market. The value in company logos is how easily and instantly consumers will identify a brand with it, or remember it.

  • 5. It should be Versatile:

Often logos are printed on a colorless surface. For Example, a logo is appearing in a newspaper ad that will be in blank and white or we are having photocopies. An ideal logo is the one that does not lose its impacts even in its colorless version, it means that your design you want to publish must carry the same meaning even on its colorless version.

  • Conclusion:

A company logo must be a simple but unique design that can easily convey a brand message to the target audience. It should be a memorable logo that people can recognize so that they associate it with the company's business values. But such a logo should also be scalable and versatile. It must look great in its colorless version.

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