How to start your own t-shirt printing business

Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  25 Sep 2019

As you tell from the blog before that t-shirt printing businesses are pretty popular nowadays. Yo can also have your own t-shirt printing business and here we have briefly explained how:

1) Choose an audience type

T-shirts are worn by everyone There is no age limit to wearing t-shirts. So, having a t-shirt printing business can be quite tough if you are willing to open one for all sizes of t-shirts. It's going to be very hard to operate and thus, in the beginning, it is better if you choose an age gap for which ages you will design instead of all the ages.

2) Develop your website

To operate your business you need to have a website so that people can know about your business and see the services you are providing so you need to either develop and design a website by yourself or you should hire a designer to do it for you. Remember that your website should have an easy interface and should be simple to update and operate as well so you don't face any complications. Your website should also be informational so the customers do not have any doubts and if they do, you should provide an email address and a contact number so they can ask you directly. There should also be a separate landing page for when the customers want to place an order.

3) Choose your printing method

As you already know that there are many printing methods and you can't have all of them at a time. In the beginning at least, you need to have only one so you can manage your business easily and don't have any problems or doubts.

4) Choose a t-shirt supplier

There are many suppliers that provide plain t-shirts and you need to choose the right one that will provide you the t-shirts on time and do not cause any such problems that will cause you to lose money. If possible, it is best to sign a contract with them so they won't cause any such problems in the future and stay loyal to your business.

5) Set up your printers and tools

Now, that you have taken care of such things, it is time to set up your printer or printers so that you can print the t-shirts out as per the order. It's not bad to have only one printer but it is preferable if you have more than one as you could have a lot of orders coming n at a time or even have a bulk order and if you only have one, it will delay the time.

6) Set up delivery system

Since your customers won't directly come to your store or home to receive the shirts, you need to set up a delivery system. Some customers don't mind the whole dropping off at the store and picking it up later thing but it is better to have a delivery system as most people prefer ease and that's why they would rather have their order delivered to them than come and pick it up.

7) Set up a payment system

Now that you have looked after all the matters of printing and delivery, the payment system comes next. Most businesses accept only payments through cards and some accept through both; cards and COD. It is better to keep both options as some customers are skeptical to provide their card details and would rather pay with cash.

8) Hire a graphic designer

Last but most importantly, you need to hire a graphic designer to design the t-shirt designs and also your logo for you. You will not just need a designer for the t-shirt designs but you will need him for various other designs like social media design, blog design, website design and much more. Instead of hiring a new designer every month or two, just work with one so it won't be hectic and problematic for you. Either you can hire an in-house designer or just hire a designer off some designing website and sign a contract or an agreement for a few years and you can renew it if you're satisfied by the end of the time period and get started.

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