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  27 Nov 2019

By now, you must already know that logos play a very important role in practically everything whether it is brand identity or brand recognition, it is extremely important. So, when you're first getting a logo, it can be very difficult as you have to decide on a design that you'll invest a lot in, and you'll have to stick with it for a long time. So, how can you choose a logo that is memorable? How would you know which logo will be memorable? When you look at popular brand's logos like Apple logo and Nike logo, you would think that they are pretty simple, and you must also wonder how they got so popular? Well, here we will discuss the things you need to be careful of to make a memorable logo.

Know the brand inside out

You can't proceed to design a logo without knowing the first thing about the brand. And furthermore, just knowing about the brand name and the products it sells and industry it lies in will also not be enough. You will need more info like the brand history, the audience it targets, if they've ever changed their logo in the past, etc. Everything should be studied by the designer so that he will be knowledgeable, and you never know, inspiration can strike from anywhere! Of course, all of the brand's info can not be incorporated into one logo but maybe some things can. The customer shouldn't be completely surprised when he sees the logo and enters the shop thinking that the shop was different than he expected from the logo. They should at least get an idea of what the store sells and what it is about. Sometimes, logos don't give away the kind of products sold by that company and it works out. The Apple logo doesn't seem like the type to be of a phone company, but it is, and such is their level of expertise to create such a logo and to market it in such a way that now it is recognizable worldwide.


Take a risk and make something different

Working safely won't get you anywhere. Here, once again, we will use the example of Apple. Apple logo may be an overused example, but that just goes to show how good of a job they have done in breaking boundaries and fulfilling all the requirements of a great logo. Anyway, back to the point, Apple logo was not exactly a safe logo option. It was different and unique, but it might've just been a flop. And yet, it is such that it is unique, different, meaningful and more. The bite out of the apple actually refers to bytes that are units of digital information. This way, you should also create something unique and memorable for the people to spot easily and remember.


Choose colors wisely

Colors are an important part of logo design and thus, they should be decided carefully. Whether it's choosing one color or two or more, a logo design can completely change its look and meaning depending on the colors used on it. So be careful of what color you choose for your logo design. Every color induces an emotion along with it, so you'll even have to keep color psychology in mind. There are a few color schemes that are already present to help you in deciding more than one colors. You can use these color schemes in your logo design or take an idea from them and make your own customized color scheme.


Simple is always a winner

Simple designs can also be memorable and unique. Just because a design is simple doesn't mean that it can't be good and have a twist to it. Most of the big companies and organizations that are popular worldwide have a simple logo design with a twist that makes them memorable. Amazon's logo is the name Amazon with an arrow pointing from a to z in the shape of a smiley face. This indicates two things: that the store provides everything from a to z for the customers and the customers are always gonna leave happy from their services. So, a design that is simple can have its own unique charm about it if you just try hard enough to think about it.


Black and white version of logo

Another important factor of a good logo design is that it should look good in black and white as well. Of course, a logo will have different colors but at some point, there might be a need to print it out in black and white and it needs to look good. Some logos are originally black and white so that's not an issue for them, but others need to be flexible in any color to be a good logo. Always remember that a memorable logo has to look good no matter the colors.



Before officially finalizing the logo design, you should test it on multiple things like business cards and posters and all the other places it will need to be used. If the logo can be seen clearly and looks good no matter the size and place of the logo, it is scalable.



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