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Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  15 Aug 2017

If you want to know what is the estimate cost of a logo depending on the type of designer, then this is the post to read.
A logo design can be very expensive or very cheap, depending on the designer and his design process. It can also range in prince depending upon the quality of the design and the services of the logo designer. There are so many factors that determine the ultimate cost of a logo and so here we shall dive deep into these factors and how they affect the cost.

  • Logo maker

First option is that you can design a logo yourself using any logo maker app. It will most probably cost you around $10-$20. Some logo maker apps are free as well but only on limited designing tools and templates. This option is best for those who do not want to invest a lot in the designing of a logo. It is also a good option for those who only want a logo design for the sake of it and do not care whether it is a typical or not-so-unique design. The main advantage for this type of logo is that it doesn’t take much time to make it and it is perfect when you have a deadline or so. It is also good for those companies and individuals who have a tight budget.

  • Logo design contests and beginner freelance logo designers

The next option is that you can hire a beginner logo designer or you can host a logo design contest online and there are many websites to help you do that. It’s gonna cost you anything from $100-$1000. The designers, whether freelance or hired through a design contest, have limited experience on the field and a not-so-impressive portfolio. Since, they have only done a few jobs, you will not be able to judge them based on their portfolios. This is advantageous for those companies that have some experience and knowledge about logo designs and trends and they also have enough time to be able to work with the designer step-by-step.

  • Experienced freelance logo designer

For businesses that want a quality design without the full expenses, they can get the job done by hiring experienced freelance logo designers. The pricing range of getting a logo designed by freelance experienced logo designers will be around $1000-$5000. You will be getting professional advice and services from the designer and the price isn’t too outrageous either. It is good for businesses that want to get a good design with a mid-range budget.

  • Design agency:

These agencies don’t just contain some designers and all, rather they have full teams of creative strategists that tackle on a project together. Because there are multiple people working together on one project only, the rates for these services are also pretty high. They are always bound to be $5000+. The designs are guaranteed to be of the highest and best quality. These packages are the most ideal packages for businesses that require a full branding or re-branding.

  • Designing websites:

Designing websites tend to work for any and all audiences. They usually have attractive designing packages that allow them to accommodate anyone with a tight budget even. Their price can range from anywhere to $200 and above. Many websites even provide the option for designing a custom package according to their needs and then the price can be discussed by the designers and others incharge.

After looking at all these different types of designers and services and how the prices are changed depending on the service, we can safely say that if a person is looking for a good logo design then $100+ should be the price for it. $100 for a good logo design is probably the cheapest one can get and that means that anything below $100, promising a great quality design is probably a fraud. So, you should be careful of who you hire depending on the services they are promising and the prices they are taking.

Some designs even go as high as $100,000 for renowned design agencies or even vastly experienced design agencies. It is completely up to the person as to what designs he requires and what price he is willing to pay for it. If you need a great quality design with the full re-branding package, then the company must be ready to pay for such services.

Luckily, some designing websites have wonderful packages with guaranteed services and if someone is in need of a great logo design at a reasonable rate. But websites can also sometimes be a hoax, so be careful where you put your money! Instead of using a little fee for a design and later regretting it, it is better to spend some extra fee and get services from a guaranteed person or website!

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