How Important Is Customer Feedback?

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  20 July 2016

Customer feedback plays a major role in increasing or decreasing a website's reputation and sales. It might be surprising, but people trust customer feedback more than they do the layout of the company website or the popularity. If, for example, a company is very popular and everyone's heard of it and they recently launched a new product, naturally, many customers would want to buy that product but if they see that the company has a lot of reviews that are negative, they won't want to risk wasting their money on that item, no matter how popular the company may be. That is the power of feedback. Experiences are more important than reputation. So, that's why customers are asked to leave feedback so they can improve themselves and maintain their reputation and live up to customers' expectations.

There are three general types of feedback: positive, negative and suggestions. Here we will look at the difference between them and look at each one in detail:

1- Positive feedback

This feedback influences the customer decision positively and also boosts the website/company and its products/services. These kinds of feedback are highlighted on the home page and also on other pages of the website so that the customers can be assured of their quality and service. These reviews don't require any such action to be taken in the company, but it is still good to not get ahead of yourselves just because of some good comments. One should always stay focused.


2- Negative feedback

This feedback causes the company to take some action like replacing a damaged product or firing or taking some disciplinary measures against the employee who was the major cause of it. Sometimes, it's not the company's fault that the product was damaged rather it was the courier services' fault that the product was damaged. So, that means they can't exactly take some disciplinary action against them, rather they will just change their courier company and discontinue working with them. They also have to make sure that the customer has not damaged the product themselves and that's why some proof is required when such complaints are filed. These feedbacks are taken seriously and even though, they won't be highlighted, the company will do everything in their power to make amends and act.


3- Suggestions

These types of feedback are more on the general side. They are neither negative nor positive. They are usually just suggestions and ideas that would help the company to further improve their product according to customer wishes. These types of feedback are also appreciated, and most companies do try to incorporate and use some ideas and suggestion but not all are used. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions and that doesn't mean that they should all be implemented. These feedbacks do not increase or decrease the status or popularity of a website.


Pros and cons of feedback

As it has been discussed above that which type of feedback affects website popularity and which doesn't, here we will discuss some pros and cons of customer feedback:


  • Positive feedback affects the website by increasing the traffic and sales of the website.
  • A survey showed that 50% people read reviews before making a purchase.
  • Positive reviews increase a website's overall ratings.
  • Negative reviews help a website to realize their faults and weaknesses.
  • Suggestions can sometimes give company new and creative ideas.
  • Getting back to customers on time will show them you are engaging and are taking their feedback seriously.
  • Surveys and questionnaire forms are short and simple and also, timesaving for both, the customer and the company.
  • You will know what your customer wants and by fulfilling those requests, you can get a great audience and a whole lot of customers.


  • Too much positive feedback may make customers think that the reviews are fake.
  • Negative feedback makes customers mistrust the company.
  • Customers do not write detailed or average reviews at all. They usually just drop ratings.
  • No reviews and only ratings could also make the customer think that the company is a fraud.
  • Suggestions will not always be easy to implement and can be very costly.
  • Not being able to respond to the customer in time will make a negative reputation in customer's mind.
  • Detailed feedback may be time-consuming to read through each one.
  • No feedback means no way of knowing what your customers need and what are the new products they would like to find.
  • They can decrease a website rating.


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