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Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  28 Jan 2019

Just like there are some key elements in a logo, there are also some characteristics of a logo that should be looked over. These characteristics may not be so important when it comes to logo design, but if these characteristics are looked over properly, then it will help you to create a good, unique logo design! This post will help you to see the important characteristics of a logo!

Just like a logo has some key points, there are a few characteristics that a good logo should have.

  • Versatility

It is important to check the flexibility of your logo while designing it. Your logo should be able to fit anywhere and look clean and clear for the person to see. Your logo might be used in a lot of ways and in a multitude of places. It may be used on pen or on the billboard signs and it should look good however it is scaled. There are some texts and images that cannot be scaled down to a small size and there are some that can't be made to be bigger than their size. These are the things you should test before finalizing your logo. You should also pay attention to the colors used in the logo to see if, in the condition, you have to make it black and white or change the colors, your logo should still work fine and look attractive and be recognizable by the audience.

  • Simplicity

Simplicity is key. Designing a simple logo may not seem like such a good idea at first but remember that the more designs and text you incorporate into your logo, the harder it will be to downsize and scale it.

  • Uniqueness

Uniqueness is something every company strives for when designing their logo. Being unique will set you apart from your competitors in the same industry. Remember that taking risks may be costly but it sometimes provides the best of results so don't be afraid to experiment and little and don't go by the book and don't be typical.

  • Memorable

If you try to make a trendy logo by following the trend, your logo is bound to be one of many and it will easily be forgotten when the trend changes. So, instead of going with something trendy, strive for something that will be memorable despite the trends.

  • Relevant

Your logo must be unique and memorable but remember that it needs to be relevant. You shouldn't just recklessly make it unique in any way you can. Take the example of McDonalds. Since it is a fast food chain, they could've gone with a hamburger next to their name but they went with their initial letter M and turned it into something unique but relevant.

Always remember that first impressions matter and your customers first impression will be your company logo and name so keep these points in mind and work with a professional logo designer to design a logo that creates a powerful impression on the customer and they are bound to remember it for years to come.

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