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Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  10 July 2018

A custom logo is better than a template logo. But why? This post will tell you the benefits of investing in a custom logo for your company rather than getting a template logo.

Many people think that getting a custom logo is a long and costly process and would rather not go through with it but here are some reasons as to why you should go with a custom logo:

  • Brand identity

A custom logo design will help your brand gain recognition from among your competitors and it gives your brand a unique personality. It can even enhance customer loyalty if you have a story to go with it. Think of it this way that if you have a template logo, and if you are asked to explain the meaning behind it, you will not be able to describe and explain about everything. But if you have a custom logo, you can tell the customers about it and you will be able to tell about everything in the logo ranging from color to images to typography. Everything will have a meaning and it will be all the more fascinating to the customer. That way the customers will know what your goal is and why your company logo looks the way it does.

  • Credibility

If you have a high-quality logo, this could help your brand gain popularity as the customers will think that if you have a well-designed, high quality logo that means that your products must also be high quality. Let’s take the example of an everyday occurrence. Usually, when people go to the supermarket to shop for groceries, they tend to choose the brand that they have already used in the past as they have tried it before and don’t want to take risks buying from a new brand. But, let’s suppose that the supermarket has run out of that particular brand and has introduced some new brands. The first criteria that the customers will check is the price of the same items from different brands. Secondly, they will check the packaging of the item and if the packaging is bland, they will not want to buy it whereas if the packaging is neat and clean, they will want to buy that. In this way, if your logo is a good and creative one, people will automatically think that your brand is a good, credible one with a good reputation.

  • Memorable

People have a tendency to forget names but they tend to remember the faces. Your logo is the face of your brand and that means that even if the people forget your brand name, they will remember your logo. But if your logo doesn’t stand out and isn’t unique, they won’t even remember the logo. Let us take the example of IKEA. The IKEA logo uses the colors blue and yellow and everyone knows of it. If you are out in public and see some store and its logo is blue and yellow, you will automatically be reminded of IKEA and you will think that maybe the store has copied off of IKEA even though that might not be the case. In this way, IKEA has managed to make an iconic logo and has become such a successful brand that it is as if the color blue and yellow are owned by it. In this, your custom logo should also be memorable so that people will remember even the littlest of things about your logo.

  • Marketing advantage

There is a lot of competition nowadays among every industry and that is why you need every opportunity possible to beat your competitors. Having a powerful custom logo can be a huge advantage to your brand and it will always make the audience choose your product over theirs. The way you can achieve that is if you have a creative custom logo that represents your brand in every way possible. Everything about your logo should have some or the other meaning related to your company. The next thing is to have wonderful quality in your service and your products. If you achieve these things, people will start trusting your brand and they will associate your logo with great service and brand. This will earn you a marketing advantage over them.

  • Delivers a message

If you have hired a talented logo designer, he will be able to design your logo in such a way that it conveys a message through it and be the perfect representation of your brand. Let’s suppose that you want your logo to tell a story or deliver a message. A professional logo designer can make that happen and help promote your brand through it. Take the example of Nike. The Nike logo has the brand name and swish under it, resembling a tick. This swoosh represents motion and speed. The brand Nike is all about sports shoes, clothing, accessories and such. So, the Nike logo perfectly captures the basic idea of the brand and in turn, promotes it. It is a simple, meaningful logo that delivers a message.

  • Targets the right audience

If you have hired a talented professional logo designer, chances are your custom logo will be designed to target the right audience and that will earn your brand a lot of recognition. Some brands are pretty generalized and target people of all ages and some brands target only a specific kind of audience. Your logo should be designed keeping that in mind and should target the right audience. Let’s take the example of the increasingly popular MINISO logo. It is a minimalistic logo that shows a red shopping bag with MINISO written on it and a smiley face next to the name. This kind of logo can be called a playful and simple minimalistic style of logo. Since it is a brand that’s aiming to target mostly young adults and kids, it is doing a pretty good job. The minimalism in the logo attracts young adults and sometimes even adults and the playfulness of the logo attracts the children. The overall logo shows that it a brand for all ages of people and they are accomplishing that using it. And let us take another example of the logo of the cigarette brand which was a camel mascot named Joe Camel. Mascot logos are usually intended towards children or young adults. Putting a mascot logo on a pack of cigarettes proved harmful for this company. This company had to face a lot of backlash and was even sued for reasons of promoting underage smoking involuntarily using their camel mascot logo. This shows that what kind of logo you use and when is important to decide and think over. Your logo should always match your company and brand and target the right audience.

  • Professionalism and trust

If your company is just newly formed and yet you have a professional custom logo, people will think that your company has been around for years and they will trust your company and its products. But if you have been around for a long time and still don’t have a logo, people will think that your company is just newly formed and they won’t trust your products and your company as people are suspicious of new things. Having a custom logo shows your company’s professionalism and earns your customers trust. If you have put a lot of thought, time and money on your logo, it is obvious that you care about what you want your customers to see and feel about your brand when they look at your logo and use your products and services. And it is only natural that you put that much care, time and money on your products and services. This tells the customer about your professionalism. On the other hand, if you do not care about your reputation and just want to make money without investing anything, your customers will know that your quality of products and services is bound to be poor and they will not trust your brand. You brand logo will also be poorly designed allowing them to see that you have no care whatsoever for your brand.

  • Internet appeal

Having a social media presence is really important in this era. Your logo should be designed in such a way that it looks attractive online and offline to the viewers. Your website will obviously have your logo and it is going to be placed on the top for everyone to see so you should make sure that it’s a memorable one so that viewers don’t forget it easily. Social media makes up most of our lives nowadays and this should be kept in mind while designing a logo. The facility of online shopping has made it easier for people to buy products from the comfort of their homes. So, you don’t only have customers that are coming in your stores but online customers as well. Those online customers should be treated the same way as those customers that coming to your stores. They need to be able to remember your brand too because of your service and logo design and creativity. Your social media and websites should be designed creatively and should carry your logo as well. It should match the theme of the logo and your brand to further promote your idea and message, if any.

  • Boost employee morale

Having a good custom logo designed by a professional logo designer means that you can incorporate your goals into your logo as well. If your company is striving to be the best in a certain industry, your logo can help you do that. If, for example, you are trying to make your company more environment friendly, you can start by hiring a professional logo designer to design a logo that represents your company’s goal to introduce ways to be more environment friendly and safe. Since this, in a way, is a goal of the company so this type of mindset will then be encouraged in the company and employees will start acting on it. And every time an employee introduces a new way to attain that goal, everyone will congratulate him including the company owner and this will boost his morale. Over the years, the employees will start doing these things purely out of habit even in their personal lives and this way you can shape your employees to do well and achieve the company goals.

Your custom logo will, no doubt, promote your brand and increase your reputation but remember that your service and quality will have to maintain that position to maintain and uphold the meaning and values of your logo.

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