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Converting Idea In To Vector

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2018-08-11

Please find in the attachment my rudimentary paint ( I must say I am no specialist in this and don`t use advanced software ) an idea of what I was thinking for this logo. The number 3 model I liked very much. But a few modifications I want to be done on this: - the word "KANO" it looks great if it stays that blue from the last mock-up and only the flowing line above. See Picture - The "SMART" word it looks so nice and shiny with this grey - black and silver combination! I wish though that the under part of the "S" -see picture for red lines- to be like the same colour, starting from where K ends at the bottom, merging into the final size of the S letter. I am thinking of 5 lines that grow from small and interrupted to only one and uninterrupted line that finally forms the S letter. The lines can be different in thickness. Just give it space... See Picture please! - what the Green line suggest is the Place "Get Connected"I would like to start, somewhere right where the "O" letter ends and under the line of the S letter...stretch it to where "T" ends. - Keep the original colour for this "Get Connected" words... I could not match the colour in Paint! - Please have a look over the picture "Only Icon Like" where I would like to get for this logo also only an icon like the picture, of course, the same color as original design, same design for the Fonts and would like that everything ( the K and S ) fits in a square and they start together and they end together in a very seamlessly way. Please let me know if there is any way I can help with further information in order to get this done! I am really excited about the final result, I know I can trust you for this project the same I did for the one before with brand BeEased.


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Photography Logo Design

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2018-08-11

Name: Surfincognito

Tagline: None

Business Brief: This brand will be photography based and will feature surfing images, beach scenes, and waves. Please reference my previous e-mail for our other properties/logos.

Overall Mode/Feel: I will need this second logo to be for our surfing brand. Please use sun glasses in some way as that element will stay consistent across all brands. All basic product labels (sizing, and care labels) will have the Cognito Brands logo on the interior of our garments. The exteriors will have the Surfincognito-branded logos printed into the fabric of the garments...specifically on the sleeve cuff.

Colours you Like or Dislike for Logo: You choose

Any Additional Info/Idea For Logo #1: To begin with I think the composition should include the Surfincognito text as well as other elements (see attached examples). Over time, I would like the image to be strong enough that we could phase out the text for just the logo. Please note, my examples may be too juvenile and we may want to be less so.

Target Audience: Outdoor active populations...a bit more youthful than the average I would say.


We took elements we liked from several of the options and came up with the attached concepts. I am not a big fan of using clipart from Shutterstock for the surfboard, but it is superior to anything else I have seen. I guess the glasses will make it unique. We like the font, although we think overall the design needs to be a little more colorful or interesting. The last version is currently our favorite. Please play with what we have attached and come up with a few more options for us.


Here are the final adjustments.

Surfincognito...Go forward with version #3 (same as #6 I believe). Add .com to the bottom of the logo. I will need 2 versions of this logo...one for use on dark backgrounds and one for most other applications. For the first one, please add a black outline to the existing lettering and the surfboard so that it will stand out better (see Surfin on White). For the second version, I would like to add a white border and change the glasses color to white/grey so that the image looks good and pops on dark backgrounds (see Surfin on Black).

Surfincognito: On the black outlined version, return to the all black glasses (no white). On both versions, the exterior outlines are just a point or two too thick. We will need the interior of the lettering outlined as well because the underlying print will show through these logos (see the attached surfer picture). On both, increase the ".com" size slightly.


You are very close, but I don't understand why you won't give me what I ask for. I have actually sent you pictures of EXACTLY what I want. You are sending back something different. So, one more time...

Please refer to the attached Compare Cognito file. What I sent you is at the top with instructions to give me the blue as pictured. You sent the version on the bottom with the washed-out blue. Please make like the top.

Please refer to the attached Compare Surfincognito. What I sent is on the right side. The black-outlined version is fine (although the ".com" hangs out further than on mine). On the white-outlined version I requested the white/grey glasses as pictured. You gave me the black instead. Please switch to the white.

Then we should be done.


I like the Cognito Brands Final-03 better with the thicker font.

The Incognito versions are perfect. Please proceed with the final files.

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Consulting Logo Design

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2018-08-11

Logo name: EnablingUs.

Tagline: One way, same way, your way

Founding beliefs: We believe that everyone can be empowered by expertise and wisdom, elevating individual and collective performance to enhance existing capabilities.  Enabling Us develops simple, easy to use and intuitive systems that accelerate skills and behavioral development. As a sales and service performance consultancy, we specialize in enabling businesses to grow top-line sales revenue and increase sales productivity to improve margins and profitability.

Target Market: This is a B2B sales and service consulting business. We work with large and small businesses in training and consulting with sales organizations in the areas of sales and customer experience skills, behaviors and processes. We are not a training a company although training is an integral part of what we do. The clients we currently work with are KPMG, Jones Lang LaSalle and MasterCard amongst others. Our target market is any business in any vertical who has a sales and customer service operation. Geographically we are based in Singapore in Southeast Asia.

Overall Mode/Feel: Clean, corporate and simple

 Colors you Like or Dislike for Logo: I like the orange and grey color scheme below – particularly on the left with the darker grey. I would like a white background to the website but I am open to designer interpretation in anyway shape and form.

 Any Additional Info/Idea For Logo: the blue and green logo is from a company I currently work with. This is a very recent rebrand for them – (Miller Heiman Group), it is very nice and I like it. Some form of clean variation on this would be interesting.

 Target Audience: Professionals, C-suite, Sales Leaders, Salespeople.

Business cards and website: white background. It needs to represent the business persona, which is: elegance, extremely high levels of professionalism, execution precision, and commitment to stellar high quality and attention to detail. It has to have a high-end feel.

On the website and on the business cards I would need to have the logo of another company I represent as well. Possibly on the back. The logo is of Miller Heiman Group. EnableUs.com website owned as of 27-10-2016.


I am a well-dressed elegant man who gets people’s attention easily. I am sleek and articulate in what I do. The logo must embody me. Refined and intelligent. Apologies this is not meant as arrogance but this is not a company but a mission and I need to be honest about my own self-perception to get the branding to reflect me.

  • The color scheme should be reversed with the orange accenting the
  • ‘EnablingUS’ joined together and US in capitals.
  • I like circles or heptagon/octagon/decagon
  • Think learning, intelligence, empowerment, achievement, success, rewards


  • I would like some different font variations that are professional. The font color for the copy on the card will need to be the same grey as the logo.

  • Please let me have these soonest so we can move forward quickly. Once done I want black, white and transparent versions of the logo please.


  • Only put 3 full stops in the slogan on the attached logo and provide final files.

One way. Same way. Your way.


#Logo #Business #Design #Designer
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Shipping Industry Logo Design

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2018-08-11

Exact name to be appeared on Logo: MPG

Slogan (if any):
Preferred Style Of Animation:

Look & Feel: Streamlined

Any Additional Comments: We just need a simple logo. We do not want to direct you a specific way because you may have a better idea than us lame business people.

Industry: Shipping

A brief description about your business: We pickup and ship items for the insurance business.

Your target Audience: Businesses


Can I just have “MPG” as the logo with no truck?

Product Status: Finalized


Can you add “.one” after and I think we are good!

#Business #Company #Unique #Logo #Service
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Mobile App Logo

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2019-07-29


Logo Brief: So here is what we are looking for in a logo this time. This will eventually be a mobile app. The name is Neighbor Snap. Think Zillow meets more home and homeowner information. We would like it to look very simple by using something to do with a camera and a house. It could be a stylized house in a camera or lens of a camera. Simple lines are best. I have included some current images of mobile apps. We like aqua's and purples. The finish should have a rounded edge and under the design read:


Ok...we are all set with the logo and we would like the words Neighbor Snap from the first images group. This group was from the first email that you sent to us about 2 weeks ago (we don't want any of the fonts from the two groups you sent last week). The last image has the font we would like. So the house in the camera for the logo and then the font that was below the 3rd image of the first group. Make sense? Thanks!

Logo Status: Finalized

#App #House #Logo #Design
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Paste Control Logo Design

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2018-09-14


Exact name to be appeared on Logo: ScAIRcrow

Slogan (if any): The Next Generation of Pest Bird Control

Preferred Style Of Animation: The Next Generation of Pest Bird Control

Look & Feel: I was thinking something that looks like a six propeller drone.

Any Additional Comments: Our business is chasing birds off with


Industry: Pest Control

A brief description about your business: We are a startup that is using UAV's (Drones) to scare Pest Birds off of buildings and trying to keep them from returning. We are using Artificial intelligence to detect and identify the type of bird that are in the area when the drones fly missions.

Your target Audience: Anyone with a bird problem.


1st Revision: 

Number three is my favorite. great job! I think having the Blue dot ,that is the eye on the drone, more directly above the ‘i’ would be good. Other than that I really can’t think of anything that would need to be done.

Can you also try making the ’S’ in number three lowercase and black so I can take a look?

2nd Revision:

I think I like the ’S’ being capital and Black in color. And could you add some blue inside of the drone blade swirls like you had on the original option 1.

Sorry hit send to quick. I like option 2 on the second round. Can I see the blue portion in green?


Please process the final files for sample # 1.


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Real Estate Investing

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2018-09-14

Logo Name:Brandon Elliott Investments

Industry: Real Esate

Colors That I Like: Blue,Black,Red

I like the lettering font to my name but would like it spaced out a little bit more similar to example number two. As far as the new three examples go that are not in the attachment I I'm not a complete huge fan of any of the colors. The first example I think Investments should be darker and for example 3 I think the red should be darker as well but overall not a huge fan of any particular one with those colors.

Logo Status: Finalized

#Real #State #Logo #Example
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Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2019-01-29

Nodecoin Cryptocurrency

Remember that cryptomonedas have two letters that identify them as their symbol. in this case, it should be the ND and the logo I leave it as its criterion that has to do with the name of the cryptocoin.

#Crypto #Logo #Created #Best #Designer
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S.E.T.I Publishers Ltd

Posted By Buy Custom Logo | 2019-01-29

Exact name to have appeared on Logo: S.E.T.I Publishers Ltd

Look & Feel: Something resembling a less negative version of the logo used in the sci-fi film 'ALIEN' starring Sigourney Weaver

Any Additional Comments: The Logo itself should be "metallic dark-blue," with a light-blue glow as if coming from behind, creeping around the letters.

Industry: Book, Magazines and Documentary Film Publishers

A brief description of your business: We are a book, magazines and documentary films publisher that focuses on the UFO Phenomenon.

Your target Audience: Book lovers, Writers; Anyone interested in UFOs, Psychic Phenomenon, Astronomy, Cosmology, Conspiracy Theories, and other related mysteries.

1st Revision: We need one version without any background at all
(e.g. a plain, blank background with just the lights on the rings along with them, and the text).

2nd Revision: Please remove the white orb located in the center of the logo:

Also, the logo still isn’t transparent, it has a white background instead. We want the logo to merge with a photo that has a starry background.
Please lessen the number of rings surrounding the font “S.E.T.I Publishers Ltd”

Please send us a logo with a transparent background (no white, just clear) that can merge with a photo that has a starry background along with
A lessened amount of rings circling the text S.E.T.I Publishers Ltd.

We anxiously await the new draft in GIF and PNG format.

Final Revision: Reviewed these to my top managers, they think that the text “Publishers Ltd” should be a tiny bit bolder. Also, please make the text “S.E.T.I” and “Publishers Ltd” brighter (especially for “Publishers Ltd”), we can barely see it up against the starry background.

Product Status: Finalized

#Book #Publishing #Magazine #Logo #Designer
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