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  16 Oct 2018

Re-branding means to change your company’s logo and possibly, even name and start all over from block 1. Most companies do this if their company has had a bad reputation for a long time so instead of shutting down a company that took millions of dollars of investment, they re-brand the company. This post will further explain what re-branding is and what are the pros and cons of re-branding.

Re-branding means to change the image/logo of a company. It is not necessary and not done by most brands but it could be helpful for a company in order to stay trendy and updated to the customer. Many brands re brand their companies logos either by completely changing it to fit their new goals and such or they make a few alterations in their current logo depending upon the latest trends or seasons. Some companies permanently alter their logos and some temporarily do it to fit with the holiday season or latest trend. This can be done easily if the person is using custom logos and they can just send their custom logo design files to the same designer or another designer along with some instructions for the re designing. There are some pros and cons to re-branding that are discussed below:

Here are some pros for re designing:

  • If your company started out in one industry and designed your logo as such and later on expanded into other industries, then this is a good opportunity for you to either completely change your logo to fit your company or to some alterations that will give your customers a better message of what your company is about.

  • It could be possible for some companies that they have been around for a lot of years and logo designing back then is not the same as logo designing now so their logo might seem completely outdated. In order to fix this, they can re brand their logo or make some alterations to give it a modern look.

  • Re-branding logos can help you to stay on top of the competition. If you re-brand your logo, it will let customers know that your company is trendy and modern.

  • If your company has a poor reputation then getting a new logo or re-branding it might just be the solution to your problem. It will let customers know that your company is starting fresh and they will not be afraid to try it.

Here are some cons of re-branding:

  • Re-branding a company isn't cheap and may be more costly than branding a company.

  • Many of your previous customers can become confused as to why you chose to re-brand.

  • If your company re-brands too often, you might start to lose a lot of customers as they will think you are not authentic anymore.

  • If you don't have a valid reason to re-brand, then you might be wasting your money and losing your customers for no reason at all.

  • If you are still not able to capture your company's new changes and message into your logo, the re-branding will just be a waste.

So, you see, there are many reasons why you ought to re-brand your business with a custom logo design but you should be careful as to not go too crazy with it.

Why choose a custom logo?

Custom logos are personalized and customized according to your wishes and needs of the company. They can better reflect your company and its values than you might think. If you hire a professional logo designer, you are bound to get a good logo design with great service and any revisions that you want. Having a creative custom logo, with a message or a story behind it, as the first thing your customers see when they walk in is going to give your customers a reason to remember your company or brand and choose it over the others. And that is custom logos could be better for your business.

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