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  17 Jan 2019

Logo can be represent as an imagination, name, identity of the business, place, symbols or an authority; as many centuries ago it was started as the representation of something unique, blissful or imaginary of its own kind & symbols were considered unique, power of God, Conquerors identity, or symbols as positive source. There are numerous examples connected to usage of the logo in the history & now that we have stepped in to the future of branding.

A logo, if put simply, is a graphic or visual representation of an organization. It is a mixture of some text, symbols and an image. Logos are used to represent some company or place and make it distinct from one another. Take the example of a hospital, no two hospitals will have the same logo as there has to be some sort of distinction between the two. Most hospitals will have the Red Cross or a moon symbol in their logos to represent a hospital but they add other symbols or images as well.

A logo, in this modern era, is quite important as there are a lot of companies working in the same field which causes a lot of competition between them. Having a creative and professional logo works to one's advantage as it will make them stand out from among a crowd and will leave an impression on their audience. A logo, you can say, is not simply a combination of colors, symbols and text. It actually represents what your company is about. Depending on the type of fonts, colors and images used in your logo, it also shows what type of company it is. If your company is a finance, banking type of company, your logo will look better if it uses black and white, or dark colors and straight, block fonts. This is not a must, but that is what most business logos look like. If it is a cosmetics company, it would be much better if your logo has shades of pink, purple, red or white and a stylish font to show that it is a cosmetics company. And green looks best on environmental companies whose focus is preserving and saving the environment and natural resources.

Logo designing is done by graphic designers and is a time-taking process but a fruitful one depending on the logo designer and his experience in that particular field. Designing a logo may take as long as days to weeks and in some cases, even months. It is a challenging task for graphic designers and not every graphic designer can make a successful logo. And that is why it is important to choose a logo designer carefully so that your company can get recognition based on your logo. You must be careful not to choose an amateur logo designer and choose a professional logo designer. There are some websites that offer affordable logo designing services and those might be best for you depending on your wants and needs.

A logo has become a very important part of an organization and companies without logos, although very rare or maybe none, don't tend to prosper. But just because you have a logo doesn't mean you're bound to succeed. It is important to have a good logo. Whether you own a food company or a toy company, it is essential that you represent your company with a good logo.

A logo, among many things, can also be a vision of what your company aims to be. It is like defining your goals through your logo and giving your audience a guarantee that you will try your utmost best, to achieve this goal. This, in a way, causes your audience to place their trust in you since you are being honest and open with them about your goals and meaning.

The best thing a logo can do for you is to earn you brand recognition. Let's take the example of a popular company like, Nike. They, not only managed to design a creative, efficient logo but succeeded in earning brand recognition. And now, whenever someone sees a swish symbol on some item, they automatically think about Nike. A logo, in this way, ensures that your company is remembered by your customers even if your brand name doesn't lie everywhere. It will be enough for your logo for them to recognize you.

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