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  1 May 2018

A logo is the face of your company but what about a custom logo? It is the same thing. It is a logo designed just for your needs and according to your wishes either by you or a designer you hired. This post details the differences of a custom logo or a template logo and explains custom logo more effectively.

We already know that a logo is a representation of a brand but what about a custom logo? A custom logo is basically a logo that has been designed entirely from scratch either by you or the logo designer. It is not something that has been made by other organizations. It is made by the input of the business owner and thus, it is always unique. There are many brands, companies and organizations and they all need a logo. Every company and brand have different wishes as to how they want their logo to look like. This is why every logo looks different and unique and, in some cases, has a story to tell.

A custom logo is different from a template logo. A template logo is something that has already been made by some designer and put up online for many people to use. It is not like a custom logo that is designed specially to suit your needs and wishes. Template logos can be used by many people and they can also add some little alterations and changes to that design however they wish. However, a custom logo is designed from the start by your wishes and the designer’s knowledge. Template logos are suitable for those who run small businesses or for those who want to use it for their personal blogs or websites as they don’t want to spend a lot of money on their logos. But if you want your business or organization to gain popularity, it is better to make a custom logo or hire a professional logo designer to design a custom logo for your company which should tell a story to your targeted audience. This is bound to attract a lot of customers to your brand.

Designing a logo should not be taken easily as it is requiring a lot of care and attention to details. If a logo is designed poorly, it could give off the wrong meaning and people might misinterpret it. A logo design should be clear, precise and unambiguous so people will not take different meanings from it.

A custom logo design is also a form of marketing your brand. As we know, that a logo is the face of your company, which is why it should be designed carefully, that means that it’s one of the first things they note about your brand. Many people have the habit to "judge a book by its cover" and that is why if your logo design is poorly designed, it will leave a bad impression on them whereas if it is done creatively with attention to detail, it could have a positive effect on your brand.

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