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  5 Feb 2019

Just as there are different fields and different industries a company could belong in, there are also different types of logos depending on the different industries and/or companies. It is important to know all these types so that you know which type would suit your company more. This post details all the types of logos!

There are many different types of logos and it is important to know when to use each one. Here is a list of logos that you can use depending on which type you need:

  • Monogram Logos

Monogram logos consist of abbreviations. Usually, companies with big names use these types of logos so that it is easier for the audience to remember them by their initials only. Some popular examples of companies using monogram logos are IKEA, NASA and such. This logo is designed in a minimalistic manner and is simple and aesthetic. Since it does not contain many elements like images or text, other than the company abbreviation, it is important to use a nice font so that it stands out and is attractive to the customers. These types of logos are also known as Lettermarks. They are most commonly used as professional logos or business logos.

Monogram Logos Design

  • Wordmarks

Wordmarks are just like monogram logos with the exception that they consist of company names, not their abbreviations. This is particularly useful for those types of companies that have shortcatchy names. Take the example of Coca Cola, Disney and such. The logo designing criteria for this is also the same as Lettermarks, i.e. one need only focus on the typography of the logo. If a company with a bigger name uses this type of logo, the logo will look overfilled. That's why it is only suitable for companies with small catchy names. Although there is one more thing that companies' using this type of logo must be careful about and that is that they should make sure that their company name is catchy. Otherwise, the audience might bore of the logo and name and forget about the company. Wordmarks and Lettermarks are easy ways to get your company name out. They are also easy to scale and are pretty versatile.

Wordmarks Logos Design

  • Pictorial marks

Pictorial marks consist of symbols that represent what that company is about. Popular examples of companies using pictorial marks are Apple, Twitter, YouTube and such. When using a pictorial mark, the company must be careful to choose either an image that represents what the company is about, like YouTube has a play button, or an image that has a meaning behind it, like Snapchat has a ghost. These logos, although are pretty versatile and unique, are risky to work with because if some company chooses a certain pictorial logo and later on, the company decides to expand into other fields and industries, the logo becomes deceiving. So, one must be careful before using such logos. These are most often used as creative logos.

Pictorial marks Logos Design

  • Abstract logo marks

Abstract logo marks are like Pictorial marks except there are no real-world images. It is a customized image created and specifically for you. You can customize it however you wish according to what's the best way to represent your company. You can play around with different geometric shapes and symbols and use which one you think is best. This is a great logo design technique as you get to customize your choice of shape and it is unique compared to others. But you have to be careful with what symbol you choose your logo to be like and whether it's properly representing your company or not. Popular companies using this type of logo are Pepsi, Microsoft and more.

Abstract logo marks Logos Design

  • Mascot logos

These types of logos use a mascot that is sort of like an ambassador of the brand and they are mostly targeted towards kids. Take the example of popular brands like KFC, Kellogg's, Pillsbury and more. Although KFC is not targeted towards kids, it still is successful in using this type of logo and Kellogg's is a mascot that attracts kids to buy their variety of cereals. Pillsbury uses a meaningful mascot to represent their variety of baking products and attract customers by its cute appearance. When using this type of logo, you need to be careful that your mascot represents the brand and your customers get the point otherwise, it is a waste of money, time and effort. You should also be careful to not use it for a such companies where it will not look good to have a mascot like a finance company and such.

Mascot logos Design

  • Combination marks

Just like the name suggests, this logo type is a combination of texts, symbols or images. This type of logo is actually very versatile and is used by some popular brands like Burger King, Doritos, Nike and more. These logos can be very creative and unique as they coincide text with images and symbols. And they have versatility such that even if they use only their symbol in some places, people will automatically associate it with your company. Take the example of Nike, in some of their products, they only use the swish symbol and people know that its their product. These are most popular as business logos.

Combination marks Design

  • Emblem logos

These logos have a traditional and classic look to them. People prefer these logos more as they exude a sense of security and stability as if the companies have been there for ages and have a long way to go as well. These are mostly used by organization such as universities and government facilities. Some popular examples of companies using such logos are Starbucks, Harley-Davidson and more. These are also mostly used as professional logos.

Emblem logos Design

  • Dynamic marks

These can be called the new-age logos. Just as the name suggests, these are dynamic and can be changed however they fit the background. They can change shapes and colors. Take the popular example of Nickelodeon. Its logo changes shapes and is sometimes in the form of a slime or a dog bone depending on the show playing or the background it is shown against. This is more than likely to attract kids since it is changing shapes and it seems playful and attractive to them. These are the most creative and customized form of logos. It is pretty also hard to design as it needs to be flexible.

Dynamic marks logos Design

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