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  16 Aug 2018

There are many ways you can make sure that your logo stands out from a crowd and attracts customers to your store. Such tactics are discussed in this post and it is good for you to keep knowledge about these things, in case it is needed sometime.

When designing a custom logo, you have to be careful to make it unique and such that it does not look like it is copied off of someone else's design. Here are some ways to make your logo unique:

  • Using a visual double entendre

This is a clever technique that is used in some logos which cleverly combines two images into one and makes it attractive. This is like playing a mind game with the audience and this makes the logo memorable to the audience. Take the logo of Wine place, for example. It is a thumbtack indicating a place and an inverted wine glass to represent wine.

Wine Place Design

  • Using color and negative space

This is also another clever technique where you can take a logo and instead of making it black and white, you make the logo black and use negative space behind it. This is a tricky technique for some logos but looks pretty attractive when done perfectly.

  • Make it simple and ownable

Most people think that when designing a custom logo, it needs to be filled with all sorts of texts, images and designs to make it unique but that's exactly the opposite of what you should do. Use a simpler approach and make your logo unique and simple to look at and remember. Take the example of Evernote. Their logo is an elephant head with a rounded trunk and a little curved ear that looks like a page fold. This is a perfect example of a simple, unique custom logo.

Evernote Design

  • Small differences

You might think that making a unique custom logo is hard but just consider the Apple logo. There is nothing special about an unbitten apple and yet when there's a bite, it's something unique and popular. This is an example of how you can make a normal image special by little differences. Your logo doesn't have to be overly complicated to stand out or be unique. Even one little difference can make a simple picture unique so remember to always try the simpler approach.

Apple Logo Design

  • Always consider symmetry

If you are going for a custom logo, you might as well just go for a symmetrical one. If your logo is not symmetrical, it may look as if an amateur has designed it so be careful of that. Your logo needs to look neat and clean and that's why symmetry is important.

  • Passive vs. active logo design

This can give your logo a conceptual meaning. Let's take the example of Twitter. The Twitter logo is a blue bird that appears to be flying upward. This logo is attractive and could also have a conceptual meaning as well. Its previous logo was a bird that was flying as well but it seemed to be flying on one level only but the new logo shows the bird flying upward. The previous logo was of a bird standing on a tree branch. This shows that sometimes active logos are just what you need.

Twitter Logo Design

  • Know your colors

There are six important colors in the logo design market that everyone should know about and know the philosophy behind each of them.

Red - This color signifies passion, danger, boldness and bravery. It is used to show the hardworking spirit of a company and how they are not afraid to take risks.

Yellow - This color is associated with cheerfulness and cowardice. Brands must be careful to use this color and should be used by specific brands only as it might affect a brands reputation in the wrong sense.

Blue - This color signifies calmness, authority and trust. This is used by most corporations as it represents these things and associates a sense of trust among the customers.

Black and white - White is the most commonly used color and it is associated with peace, cleanliness and purity.

Green - This color signifies freshness and growth and is mostly used by environment friendly agencies and companies.

Orange - This color signifies innovation and youthfulness. This is used mostly by companies who constantly introduce some new things and products. This also used by most customer support firms.

There are many other colors besides these but these are the most used in logo designing as they have a powerful effect on human psychology.

  • Pay attention to the backgrounds

Choosing a background color may be even harder than choosing the color or color scheme for your custom logo design. There are five different types of logo design backgrounds.

White - White background works well with most logo designs as it will make your logo design stand out no matter the color. However, the cons of using white color as your background are that your logo design might look too bland.

Black - Using black as your background will make your logo design pop out against the black and give it a bold sort of look. But the disadvantage of using a black background is that you'll have to use a dark base for everything you want to print or display your logo design on to.

Color - A color background means that you want to convey some message to the audience combined with the message you are conveying with the help of your logo. And you need to be careful what color you pick and whether it's conveying the right message or not. It's also going to be hard to print and use these logos.

Pattern - Having a patterned background might be attractive at first but will be hard to print it on stuff and display it as it might get cut off. However, it gives a strong statement and represents your company well.

Transparent - Having a transparent background makes your logo easier to transfer onto multiple items. It makes a logo flexible but it has the disadvantage of not communicating any meaning at all.

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