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  5 June 2019

Many people may think that a logo isn’t really worth the effort and investment put into it but that’s not true. A logo is an extremely important factor. It is just like the name of your company. You can’t operate a company without a name, same is the case with a logo. This post details the reasons why logos are just as important as the name of your company.

After reading and knowing about all these facts and details about logo and logo design, we can summarize about why a logo is important for your company. Here are some key points about why your company deserves a logo:

  • Attention grabber

When someone gives a speech, they sometimes use a sentence in the beginning called an attention grabber. It's usually a joke, a stanza from a poem, a funny skit or action and much more. This causes the audience to pay attention to that person and everyone has eyes on him. That is exactly what your logo does for your brand. It is a visual, attention grabbing artwork that sparks curiosity in the audience. Having a good logo will cause audience to admire it and question it too. They will want to know if your company is as good as the logo you designed.

  • First impression

When people meet someone new, they usually tend to forget their first meeting later on. That means that even if they are friends now, their first impression of that person wasn't exactly something you'd call "memorable". But sometimes, if the other person is funny, or really kind or even really rude, the other person tends to remember that for a long time. This is because something happened during that first meeting that was "memorable" and caused the person to remember. Your logo does that job for you. If you have a good, unique logo, your audience will remember it for a long time.

  • Identity

We all have names that make us unique. Your logo is what makes your brand unique. It is your company's identity. Through that logo, you are telling a story to the world, using colors, fonts and images.

  • Brand loyalty

If a person is really nice to you and honest with you, it is natural that you will be honest with them too. This is what your logo does too. Your logo is the face of your company and the next step is if your company stays loyal to its audience, you customers will automatically associate with your custom logo as a good one.

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