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  15 Feb 2019

The logo designing process varies from designer to designer. But here, in this post, we will not talk about the designers’ design process; rather, we will talk about the design process of designing a logo yourself. In order to design a logo, you don’t only need experience but you need to know the order of what to do. This post provides you with the details of what comes first and what comes next.

Now that we have discussed what a logo is and how many types are there, it is also important to know the basics of a logo designing process. This process is a time-taking, experience required process and is usually done by an experienced graphic designer who has designed logos before. But if you feel that you want to design one for yourself, here are the basic steps to design one:

First and foremost, there is a lot of research involved. In order to design a logo and to know which type of logo will be better for you, you need to research the industry and research on your competitors. The reason you need to do this is not so you can copy off of your competitors' logos, instead, you can get a rough idea of what types of logos are being used in this certain industry. After this, you need to research on the types of logos that would be better for your company depending on the kind of industry your company falls under. This will give you an idea of what your logo should look like.

Secondly, it is better to give your company a meaning. Not most companies have a story to go with, but if you do, this could boost your companys' reputation and make the customers more likely to choose your company over other companies as they will feel your company is more trustworthy since you are being open and honest with them by sharing your story.

Thirdly, you need to brainstorm for words that would suit your company and match your industry field. These words could help you come up with an idea for a logo design if you sketch one of them. For example, if you own a sandwich store chain, drawing a lettuce leaf or a tomato slice in your logo could be possible.

The next step will be to start sketching/drawing out the logo design ideas you might have by now. Keep in mind that you should design a simple sketch at first because if you make it complicated, it might get harder to scale and won't be too flexible. And colors must also be decided according to type of company you work in and the type of audience you are willing to attract.

After you have made some designs, choose your 5 best designs or even 2-3 is fine, and share it with your friends and co-workers. Ask them which would suit your company best and take some votes and get their opinion and advice, if any, and revise your designs, if you need to.

Next, you can develop your design using a free logo design website using the resources that are offered for free or you pay for premium ones. Pick a color and font you wish to and make sure it is versatile and scalable. You have successfully designed your logo and can copyright it and use it for your company and personal needs.

Since, this is a job that is usually carried out by professional logo designers, it is better to seek their help and expertise when designing a logo rather than experimenting as an amateur.

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