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Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  12 Oct 2017

There are many types of logo designers and this post details the different types so you can choose the right type of designer suitable for you.

After you get past the question whether you need to hire a logo designer or not, you automatically have another question about what type of logo designer should you hire. You have freelance logo designers, online based logo designers, in-house logo designers and logo designing agencies.

  • Freelance logo designer

If you hire a freelance logo designer, you should know that you will act as the project manager and will supervise the work of that designer. It may be cheap in price, but you need to have a lot of time to be able to supervise him.

  • Online based logo designer

Hiring an online based logo designer is just like hiring a freelance logo designer except you will not act as the project manager and your logo design will not be carried out under your supervision. However, hiring a logo designer online is a gamble as you do not know how much time he will take and, in some cases, you will not also know the design process. There is a high possibility that they may be unresponsive at times and will not respond for a long duration and if you say anything to hurt their feelings or anger them, they might just walk away from your project and leave you hanging. Other times, you might come across someone who responds to your wishes and requests well but is not able to deliver later on. In this way, hiring a freelancer is a lot of work and time. It may be affordable, but you still need to be careful and check the designer's credibility to know for sure, that they are not a fraud.

  • In-house logo designer

An in-house logo designer is ideal only if your company or business requires a constant logo designer. Usually, companies only need designers when they want their logo designed or if they are hosting some event and want banner, poster and other such designs. A logo designer is not needed 24/7 and thus, many companies choose not to hire an in-house designer. A law firm, for example, will not always need a logo designer so they won't hire an in-house designer and a web designing company will require a constant logo designer so they can hire an in-house designer. Having an in-house designer will ease many of your problems but they will also create some new problems. Usually a custom logo designer is always creative and needs a break every once in a while. Most designers choose their own projects and work on it at their own pace so hiring an in-house logo designer means you will need to pay attention to their every need and be careful not to overwork them or they might lose their creative spirit. You must be careful to not impose too many projects at once and not let them have fun every now and then. Remember that designers are creative people who can only work well if they have enough time to play around with different styles and experiment with them.

  • Logo designing agencies

If you do not have room for quality compromise and unsure delivery schedule, then hiring an agency might be a good option. The only downside to hiring an agency is the fact that you should be willing to take out time for all the meetings, phone calls and emails that you will get and you should also be willing to the pay the proper amount, no matter how costly. However, if you are hiring an agency, it will not just be for your logo design but also for the branding and advertising of your brand. They will help you and guide you regarding the latest branding and marketing techniques and come up with campaigns that will earn your company popularity from amongst your competitors. It is highly likely that you will not just work with a project manager and graphic designer rather you will also be working with account managers, marketing agents or managers and more. You will get the full package with no compromise in quality and on-time delivery. The price may be expensive but it will be worth it.

  • Logo design contests

If you are relatively new in your field and your business is just starting out, then it is better for you to host a logo design contest. When you are newly starting out, it is natural to not know what sort of logo design you want. In that case, it would be better that you list some basic requirements and let the designers do their work and in the end, you get to choose from 20 or so logo designs. It is pretty straight-forward and just requires some basic details and has a certain time limit. However, you will not be able to contact any of the designers in the contest just like they cannot contact you. So, in the end, even if you want to hire a designer whose design you have chosen you will not be able to since you don't have his contacts. The quality of the logo design will not be exceptional but it will be good enough. These contests are affordable and quick and so they are ideal for first-timers and for those that do not have a good idea of what they want. You will have to pay the fee upfront and then you will publish a small set of basic requirements that you need and after the designers receive your request, they will start to work on it. After the time limit, you will get the various designs, you will choose one of them, revise if needed and then it's yours.

  • Unlimited graphic design service

Unlimited graphic designers are a service is ideal for fast-growing businesses and entrepreneurs. Just like the name suggests, hiring this service means that your company has a lot of company events and campaigns and that's why you constantly require a graphic designer to design a lot of things for it. Usually, this service is deemed expensive as it works like a subscription where you have to pay anywhere from $80-$500 every month. You can submit a ton of design requests and the designing team will complete them one by one and deliver it to you. You can also get a lot of revisions done on any and all designs, if you want. The quality is also pretty good depending on the price and it can be expensive for some while affordable for others. It is pretty useful for those who require a lot of designing depending on the event and also because they are working with the same designer or team of designers every time and eventually the designer starts to understand them and work accordingly.

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