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  5 March 2019

When it comes to clothing and hairstyles, there are different trends that are followed by people; same goes for logo designs. There are a multitude of trends that are followed by logo designers. But following the trend isn’t exactly a good thing as trends keep changing and your logo is something that will stay. This post highlights some of the trends so you know which ones to avoid and which ones to cleverly incorporate into your designs.

As we have already emphasized on the fact that making trendy logos might be risky but just because you don't design a logo according to the trend doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep up with the trends. There are some brands that rebrand their logos by making minor changes to their logos like Dunkin Donuts, Google and more. Doing that might also help your company get more fame and attract your audience. You don't have to change the whole logo but just a few things here and there will make your brand look new and updated leaving a good impression on your audience. Here are some popular trends for logo design that have been around for a long time:

  • Neon/bright colors

Neon colors were most popular back in the 1800s. A lot of people would wear neon clothing and it has been used in logos for a long time now and is pretty popular. Brightly colored and neon logos are trendy and at the same time, they are very attractive. This trend will look good on any type of logo. You can design a logo using bright colors but remember that designing a logo using neon colors might not be the best as it might fall out of trend and your company will look outdated. So, instead of using neon colors when designing your logo, it might be wiser to use it to enhance it and to rebrand your logo rather than permanently having it in your logo design.

Neon colors Logos Design

  • Gradients

Instagram, first bought this logo design trend back in 2016. It was thought to be an old, out-of-style trend. But with the rebranding of Instagram, this trend became pretty common and was used by a number of companies. Although, you should be careful to not choose colors randomly rather you should choose colors that lie one after the other on the color wheel so they blend into each other. They can be used in any logo types and are colorful, striking and playful.

Gradients Logos Design

  • Metallic logos

Metallic logo designs are pretty elegant and have a classy look about them. They can be used for many companies that are trying to promote their image as a classy company and not just jewelry stores. Rose gold, for example, will look great in a wedding planning company, etc. Gold would look good for a clothing boutique logo, etc.

Metallic logos Design

  • Geometric logo design

Geometric logos can be used if you wish to convey a specific message to your audience. Just like we learned that every color in a logo design represents something and holds value, shapes in a logo design also hold meaning. For example, the square shape means stability, the circle means completeness and such. So, you can choose these geometric shapes to convey a message to the audience you are targeting. You can also use a combination of geometry to make your logo unique. Using geometric shapes against a minimalistic background is also a great idea for a professional or business logo design.

Geometric Logos Design

  • Minimalist logo design

Minimalistic logos have been trendy for a long time and, if done right, these logo designs can help the company become pretty popular even if the trend dies down. These designs can be used by any brand belonging to any industry as it is a simplistic yet impressive design trend and can be customized in its own way. Simple typography against a simple minimalistic background can also be achieved with some effort and can be pretty popular. These logo designs are also very versatile, scalable and timeless.

Minimalist logos Design

  • Illustration as letter substitute

These logo designs have an image or symbol, matching their brand, instead of a letter in their company name. These have also been pretty popular a while back and are now trending again.

Illustration as letter substitute Design

  • Artistic logo designs

These logo designs are completely unique and are like little pieces of art. These can help your brand gain a lot of recognition, especially if there is a story behind them. These have been trending since a long time ago and it doesn't seem like they'll be going out of trend for a while now.

Artistic logos Design

  • Responsive logo designs

These types of logo designs are known as responsive because they expand and minimize according to the web page or according to how they are scaled. Let's take the example of Nike. As you may have seen, Nike's products don't always contain the brand name and sometimes, there is just a swish symbol, resembling a check mark, on them. And in other brands, their website has some feature that is like such that when you first open the website the whole logo is seen, but when you scroll down, the logo minimizes along with it. When you scroll back up, the logo goes back to normal. These logos are known as responsive logos. They have also been used by Coca Cola, Chanel and more. These are very versatile and often tend to be timeless.

Responsive logos Design

  • Cut typography

These logo designs are such that some of the letters in their logos are missing one or two lines giving it a bold, new look. This is why it is known as cut typography because it cuts out some of the letters' lines creating something new.

Cut typography logos Design

  • Bubble letters

These fonts are like thick letters filled with bright colors to give a playful, creative and easygoing look. They look like balloons and are attractive. They would go well with a company that's targeting kids as their audience.

Bubble letters logos Design

  • Hand-drawn logo designs

Hard drawn logo designs usually look good on a company whose products may be hand-made as well. Environmental companies and cafes may well be suited to this logo design trend. A company which probably sells environment-safe products and/or donates to help restore the environment would be well suited for this logo design. Other companies can obviously use this logo design as well but getting it right will help them gain some popularity.

Hand-drawn logos Design

  • Semi-flat logo designs

Logo designs with a 3D feel are getting some popularity in the recent years. Giving your customer a feel as if your logo might pop out of the board will attract some audiences. It is a modern, fast-adapting trend.

Semi-flat logos Design

  • Single-image logo design

Some of the worlds' most popular brands, websites and more use these types of logo designs. Instagram, Twitter, Apple are among the most popular ones to use it. This trend of logo design is pretty popular too, thanks to these sites. In a way, it is also simplistic and gets the message across to your audience.

Single-image logos Design

  • Fine line logo designs

This is also a form of minimalism. And these designs mostly represent order and structure. They can be scaled easily. It can easily be manipulated and looks good for any company or brand.

Fine line logos Design

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