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Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  25 Jan 2019

When designing a logo, there are some things to be kept in mind. These are the key elements which determine whether a logo is or isn’t a professional one or even a logo at all. To make sure your logo is unique or not, these things should be looked at carefully! Here, in this post, you will learn what elements are these?

Designing a logo may seem like an easy task yet there are some conditions to be fulfilled in order to successfully design a creative and professional logo. Here are some key elements of a logo:

  • Typography

Most logos contain some kind of text in them. Although, it is not important for every logo to have some kind of text. A logo canhave a single letter, the company name, its abbreviation or the company motto. It is completely up to the designer and company owner for whether they wish to have typography on their logo or not. There are different types of fonts depending on the type of company you are and type of logo you want to have designed so it should be kept in mind when designing one.

  • Image

Most logos contain some kind of image. Sometimes, the image is accompanied with text and other times, it's just by itself. The image, itself, may either be a literal visual representation of what that company is about or otherwise it is similar to what the company is about. In some cases, it even seems that the image in the logo has nothing in common with the company but there is actually a meaningful message behind the image.

  • Color

Color of a logo is one of the most significant factors in designing a logo. Psychologists say that every color has a different effect on your mind and in the way you perceive things. Take, for example, the color yellow, that most people associate with sunshine, cheerful and happy things. In this way, a color in a logo is just as important and must appeal to the audience and show them what kind of company it is. Keep in mind that it should not just appeal to the audience but match and coincide with the text, images and atmosphere/culture of the company. There are many ways as to how companies choose the colors for their logos but three of these are very commonly used: complementary, analogous and triadic.

The complementary colors are 2 colors lying opposite to each other on the color wheel. This makes the colors pop against each other in a good way and immediately catches your eye. For example, green and red.

The analogous colors lie beside each other on the color wheel and create a fading effect which attracts people and almost seems to have a soft, calm effect. For example, red fading to light orange.

The triadic colors are three colors forming a triangle on the color wheel and they also create a color popping against each other effect. They usually seem bright and vibrant. For example, red, yellow and blue.

Circle Design

You should be careful while choosing colors for your logo as well as there are some colors that only suit some type of companies and others that might not suit them.

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