Reason for the increasing customized t-shirt trends

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  15 Sep 2019

You might have noticed that nowadays, there are a lot of businesses about t-shirt printing around us and if you haven't seen them physically, you've at least seen their ads on your computer while doing stuff and playing games and more. Why do you think that is? Why are t-shirt designing stores and businesses so trendy now? Why are they increasing? Here are some of the reasons why this particular industry has been boosted.

  • Branding

If we compare the number of new businesses starting in a year today to a year 10 years back, there will a shocking difference. Because of the increase of technology and the population, businesses do not need to be office based anymore, rather they can be operated from home as well. And thus, there is also a need for the increase of advertising agencies and their methods to boost popularity of an agency. So, a lot of t-shirt designing agencies and businesses have popped up and there services are used for the sake of advertising. Even the smallest businesses have their own customized shirts.

  • TV shows

There are a lot of TV shows being produced lately and lots of people watch them through Netflix and so, there are lots of fans for every show. A lot of official merchandise is being sold by the original makers of the show and they are using these t-shirt designing businesses for customized t-shirt production. Some fans who can't afford this expensive merchandise tend to try asking local affordable t-shirt designing businesses to design such shirts for them. So, this can be advantageous for the TV show as well as if the fans purchase official merchandise, they are getting money and advertising but if they are asking the local designers to design it, they are still getting free advertising out of it.

  • Uniforms

Many companies use the concept of uniforms as it increases a sense of unity among the employees and shows the audience that there is a strong bond among the company members. It boosts employee morale and makes it easier for customers to identify the workers and approach them for help, if needed.

  • Fashionable shirts

Shirts with attractive designs and bold quotes and designs stand out from the crowd. People who like to make statements use these businesses to have their custom shirt designed with a design of their choice. Some artists and graphic designers run their business by selling their designs in the form of customized items like stationary, books and shirts so they use these businesses for the production of their custom t-shirts and then sell it.

  • Less costly

Electronic ads and banners and posters can cost a lot. First for designing and then for paying TV shows and channels to run those ads and put up the posters on billboards and walls. A customized t-shirt is pretty cheap and doesn't take much money to make and then to sell off to customers or gift it out through giveaways and contests or events.

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