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Important rules for freelance designers

The world is changing day by day and the technology we have today is a lot more than before which gives people the comfort to be able to work from the comfort of their homes with ease. They only just need a laptop and internet connection and a few software, depending on their jobs and they are ready to go. This is why there are more freelancers than we can imagine. People would rather be their own boss and work at whichever times they like throughout the day than have to sit in an office and work 9 to 5 like everyone else.

Same is the case with graphic designers. Although they may all be designers, there will still be differences in the experience levels and design styles. But there are certain things that designers should keep in mind and that is important to be careful of.

Here are the important rules a designer should keep in mind when designing:

1. Clearly know the brand message

The designer must be careful to know the brand message clearly. Because he has to make their designs for them, it is necessary for him to know the target audience of the brand, the reason the brand is popular and what the people think of the brand. It is important to have all this information gathered and then start to work on the design so that you will be able to make the perfect design for the client. After knowing the message, you will also be able to pick out colours and fonts easily. It will not be a hassle.


2. Have sufficient concept choices

It is always a better choice to have many concept ideas so that later on if the primary concept idea fails, there are others to turn back to. The designer should keep their mind open and try to work on more than one designs and play around with the concept to generate some unique ideas.


3. Be sure designs are scalable designs

The designs should be scalable. The design will be displayed on a billboard and also on an envelope and business cards. It is to look great on all of these things. A design that reduces to a spec on a business card or a design that expands on a billboard is gonna look bad and leave a bad impression on the customers as well.


4. Fonts should be used to add personality

Fonts play an important role in representing the vibe or general personality of a company or brand. If the company is a sports brand or a gym, it will have bold capital letters. If the company is a salon, it will have a beautiful handwritten font. If it is a toy store, it will have a comical font. Do you see the pattern? This is how a font gives personality to the logo design and brand and gives people an idea of what the brand might be about.


5. Keep it simple, Avoid Being Too Noisy

A! simple design is the best. Designers should know that there is a difference between plain and simple. Plain means lack of creativity, lack of elements. Simple means few elements used in the right way, in the right proportion. So, the designer must not design something ‘plain’ but he must design something simple and unique. Keeping the design simple will mean that anyone will understand the design. Nobody needs to sit and interpret the design to be able to understand what the logo is saying.


6. Consistent palettes

Having consistent palettes doesn’t mean that you need to use only one or two colors. Rather, you can use different colors on the condition that they are blended or at least used in a ratio that works great and doesn’t just concentrate on one color but the colors used to bring out the best in each other. Be sure to use warm and cool colors evenly and to keep the color combination scheme in mind. It’s better to follow the unspoken rules of color combinations but sometimes, it can be played around with and experimented on.


7. Professional guidance is highly preferred

Professional guidance will never prove you wrong. It is never wrong to seek professional guidance even if you have a lot of experience in the field. If you ever feel that there is a need for you to talk to someone about something that’s bothering you related to the design, professional guidance is best! Having worked for years in the field, you never know what advice they are likely to give you.


8. Client is not always right

Clients can sometimes give a hard time to the designers by demanding that they design the logo exactly how they want it. But that doesn’t mean that you push aside your creative ideas and entertain the customer with plain, amateur ideas. You have to keep in mind that the customer is an amateur and does not know how designs are made so you shouldn’t just make the designs he wants rather you sketch out your custom logo design ideas too and show the customer both of them. This way you will not only satisfy the customer but you will actually show them your level of professionalism and expertise and then after seeing how the designs turned out, they will start to trust you with the design and let you do what you think is best.