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  29 Nov 2019

What is a design brief?

A design brief is basically a questionnaire form that needs to be filled by the client for the designer. It will give the designer basic and necessary information required to design a logo or any other design the client has requested. Of course, this information will not be enough, and designer will have to research but it is something that will help the designer get an idea and help him to get started. The client should be careful to provide the information clearly so that there is no misunderstanding. There is no one way to construct a design brief but there are many common things among various design briefs like company name, company products, client name, company info, target audience range, etc. Here we will highlight the important questions that need to be asked in questionnaires and how they can be made by designer so that it is easy for him to get a head start with the design.

Company name and info

First and foremost, questions about the company name and info will be given. These will focus on the company and what industry the company lies in. The client will have to answer questions about the targeted audience, products it sells and possibly the slogan, if you have one. Some of the questions can be something like:

  • What is the company name?
  • What products do you sell?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What is the story of your company?
  • How many years has it been since the company was formed?

These questions will have to be answered by the client and are important for the designer. These questions are also common in all types of questionnaire forms.


Design preference

Here, the client will discuss his design preferences and provide some samples of how he wants his design to look like. Of course, the designer will not copy from the samples, rather he will get an idea of what the client is looking for, but the designer will design it himself. He might not design anything similar to the design provided but that should be an understood fact that since, he is a designer and has past experiences, he knows what’s best and do according to that.



The client will discuss about the competitors with the designer and answer questions related to them. If possible, he will provide some of their designs as well to show what level they are at and what work they are doing for their designs. This will give the designer some idea of what they are doing and how to beat them and make unique designs than them to attract customers to their products and services rather than their competitors. The client will also send in some sample designs of other companies that fall in the same industry to give the designer an idea of the trends being followed for that specific industry’s designs. Even if the client doesn’t provide them with that, the designer will research them and find the information for himself, but some designers put these questions in their questionnaires, so their burden is decreased since they’ll have other topics to research.


Time limits and budget

Here the client will discuss the budget and the time limit for the project. He will answer the questions according to his preferences and opinions and if there is something that should be discussed, the designer will contact the client with the query and solve the problem. The client should keep in mind that the designer is putting in a lot of effort to design something new so the budget shouldn’t be too low.



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