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  29 Sep 2017

In order to get a great logo design, your designer isn’t the only one who’ll have to put in the effort and do the hard work. You need to be just as cooperative with the designer as he is with you and work together to get a great result. This post tells you what you need to do on your part to make the logo design a great one.

Designing a logo may be the job of the designer but since it is your company's logo, it is obviously your concern as well. As you already know that the client has to give his ideas and feedback as well. Without his ideas and feedback, designing a logo will not be possible. So, the client has to be a part of the design process, but he must be careful as to not enforce his own ideas and wishes on the designer and rather ask for advice from him since he is the expert. The client should not also insist on the designer to make a logo design based on some other company's logo design. It is rude since the designer has not been hired to copy off of someone else's design rather he is there to design something completely new. Just like these important and little tips, there are some other tips that should be kept in mind:

  • What's the strategy?

Before starting on the design, you should know what your strategy is and how you and your designer will work together to successfully create your logo. This is usually the step where the designer asks the client to fill out the questionnaire form which is the design brief. The designer will ask the client about his goals and how he plans to achieve them. If the client has a specific plan in mind about how he wants to carry out the designing of the logo, they should be shared with the designer but not enforced. Remember that the designer is an expert regarding these things, and he knows what is the best, so it is the best to just let him know what you want and let him do the rest.

  • What to research?

It is important to be updated regarding the different trends that emerge from logo designing and what types of logos are being used by your competitors and such. You should know about your customers and discuss it with your client. Your customers are attracted to your brand for a reason. What is the reason? Your customers would choose your brand over your competitors. Why? These are the things you should know and discuss with your designer as he will have to make a logo based on these facts and information. How do you get more people to be attracted to your company and choose your company over your competitors? How should you use your logo design to stand out from your competitors? How do you think outside the box? These things are the ones that should be researched by the designer and also the client so they can discuss with each other if they find anything interesting.

  • What's your story?

Your logo will be all the more meaningful if it tells a story. It is the client's job to tell the designer the story of the company and its history so that the designer may later incorporate it into the logo design. Your logo is basically another way of communicating with your audience so you will want your logo to look great so that the audience is attracted to your company. Your service and products must reflect the logo. If your quality of service and products fails, your logo will fail along with it too no matter how fancy and full of effort it was.

  • What's the design process?

During the design process, it is mostly up to the designer to make a sketch based on the research and design brief. But if the client wishes to discuss a few things for the process, that should be arranged as well. The client should always be open minded no matter what colors or fonts are used by the designer. It could be possible that the designer has suggested a color to be best for the logo that the client does not like, he should not reject the use of that color in his logo, just because he doesn't like it. Instead, if he has a legitimate reason to not use that color, he should share it with the designer. If the client feels that the font or design that the designer has selected is overused, he should share that with the designer as well. And don't be afraid of taking ideas and advice from anywhere, including friends and family. If there is a design idea or advice that you like, you should put that on the table too.

  • What are the types of logo designs and which is best for you?

There are many different types of logo designs that you can use. Some designs are well suited to your company than others but that doesn't mean that you can't try it out. If you have an idea of what type of logo you think would best suit your company, you should try it out and see how it looks. It is a possibility that the client is on a tight budget and can't try it some fancier logo types so that's why the budget should be discussed by the designer beforehand so that the designer will know what to work with.

  • Where will the logo be used?

It is important for the client to know where the logo will be used, and he should discuss this with the designer so that the designer has a clear idea of how to design the logo. A good logo should be flexible enough to be used everywhere but it will still give the designer an accurate idea of how to make it. Depending on where the logo will be used, the designer will try to enhance or animate or even minimize the logo to make it look good. The usage of a logo cannot be limited. The logo can be used anywhere from business cards to shirts to glass paintings and wood carvings.

  • How to use the logo to make a great impression?

Your logo will be used in a lot of places and that is why you need to have more than one version of your logo. If you use the same version of your logo everywhere, it will get boring. So, that is why having different versions of your logo is always a good idea. You should have a colored version, a black and white, a grayscale version, a black one against negative space and more. If you have a symbol and text in your logo, there should be a version where you omit the text and it's just the symbol for some smaller displaying and printing needs. If you have a tag line to go along with your logo, you should make sure to tell the designer to make the fit the tag line next to all the versions, so you don't have to do it later. If you have different tag lines depending where the logo is used, they should also be printed or displayed so it is not a problem later on.

  • How much will it cost?

Mostly designers charge on an hourly basis. Before you reject a designer because of his high rate, you should keep in mind the professional work and experience of the designer. If the designer charges a high fee, he is more likely to deliver an amazing product at the end than one that charges a low fee and a limited time. There can be designers that offer good packages and some additional items with a moderate fee, but the client should always check his previous experiences and portfolio to know about him.

Creating a custom logo is more than just making an image to represent some company by a designer. It requires a good client-designer relationship so that the logo can be meaningful and hold significance. If the client and designer don't have a good relationship, it is likely that the result will not be as good. So, you should remember to work with the client carefully and properly to get the best out of it.

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