Best fabrics for T-shirt Printing Design

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  5 Sep 2019

There are many types of fabric that are used for customized t-shirts and clothes. Here we have discussed the types of fabrics that are commonly used.

  • Cotton

Natural fabrics are best when it comes to fabric printing. They absorb the ink faster than artificial, man-made fabrics. They are also popular for the customers as cotton is soft to touch and that's why most people will prefer it. Screen printing works best on cotton fabrics.

  • Silk

The natural fabric of silk absorbs ink effectively and since it is thinner than wool or cotton, it provides flat surface for printing. However, it will absorb ink lesser than how wool or cotton or any thick fabric would dissolve. Since it is so thing and smoothly passes through the printer, you have to be sure to hold the fabric in place so it doesn't move too much and ruin the design.

  • Wool

This fabric absorbs ink better than most fabrics and if the wool used is quite thick then a lot of ink will be absorbed and this, in turn, will cause the cloth to be vibrant for a long time. Although the disadvantage for this fabric is that complex designs do not sit well with them rather a simple design would look great on wool fabric.

  • Polyester

These fabrics are a little tricky to print on since they are man-made and thus, do not absorb ink well. Fortunately, there are solutions for this like the synthetic fixer which increases the absorbing power of the fabric and ink sets in. Sublimation printing works best on such fabrics.

  • Jersey

This fabric is basically a cotton blend and printing is done quite well on this fabric as it is stretchy. But you must be sure to use a good adhesive to prevent the fabric from moving too much when printing. Wet transfer works wonders on this fabric and it soaks up the ink quite perfectly.

  • Viscose

This fabric is another natural fibre that is used in most industries. You can print on this fabric with any type of printing and get good results, but just like cotton, the results will be best if printing is done with a reactive ink.

  • Polyamide lycra

Polyamide lycra is usually used for diving suits and it has a resistance for salt water and chlorine. Printing on it using acid inks will be best as you will obtain bright colors, resistance to chlorine and salt water and you will be able to wash the clothes off easily.

  • Mixed fabrics

Each material is suited to different ink types and inks cannot be mixed and used together but fabrics of two types can be mixed although printing a design on them will be difficult to attain. The best thing to do in this situation is to use the ink that is better suited to the fabric that is majorly present than the other one. But, be warned, that the other fabric may have the design but it will be faded out. Of course, if both the types are 50-50, then the design will not sit well and look faded.

So, that's why you need to choose a fabric carefully according to what you want your design to look like. After reading through this, you will have an idea of what to choose but if you still want to know in more detail, it is better to talk to your designer about it.

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