What is a customer feedback?

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  25 July 2016

A customer feedback is the opinion of a customer regarding some item or service that has been sold to him by a business or company. It is very important in shaping up a company's reputation and popularity. These reviews allow companies to better themselves by knowing their weak points and to keep the employees in check by also knowing the strong points. Every employee in a company has a specific job he has to do and if not done right, he is basically useless in every way. In this way, the company knows which employee to keep and which to fire to maintain the company’s image. Furthermore, the customer feedback also helps to attract more customers by making them trust the company through the positive feedback left by previous customers. If the company has negative feedback, the new customers will not want to try it so it is important to have good feedback from customers by giving them excellent services and to maintain that service to stay on top.

Types of feedback

There are some different types of feedback depending on the customer and the service. Here are a few of them:

1- Reviews

This is one of the most common type of feedback from customers. It is simple and doesn't have any word limit or anything. You can select the rating (usually out of 5 stars) and then write a review. Some customers just drop in a rating and don't write reviews, but you can write one. You can write as short as one word or even a big paragraph. These reviews and ratings are also the most common basis of other customers deciding on getting that specific service or product or not.


2- Emails

Some companies use an emailing service to collect feedback from their customers. Almost a month after the customer has used the service or received a product, an email is sent to the customer and he is asked about his thoughts and opinions about the product or service. Before putting this review up on the official review page, the customer is asked if he would like his review to put up there and if he gives his consent, it is put up.


3- Interviews

Sometimes, the company representatives ask the customer about his thoughts through one-on-one interviews regarding the service or product. This is very efficient as you get to know the customer's feelings and his thoughts directly from them and it’ll be more meaningful than when you get to know about their opinions through an email or a review.


4- Videos

Some customers make videos of themselves opening the new product or describing how they felt using it. This shows the true emotions of their experiences and makes the feedback more meaningful. They usually film it when they're unboxing the product and then using it for the first time in front of the camera and so, it also shows the first impression of the customer. If it was some service, then the customers usually film it while it is in progress or after it's done explaining, in detail, how it was done and what they liked or disliked about it.


5- Discussion forums

There are some discussion forums online that are used by communities of people and they discuss various aspects. People can ask about some product or service and get reviews from other people who have used that service. In some cases, these discussion forums are hosted or looked over by the company themselves so that the customers can discuss their items only and do it with ease. The company will themselves sometimes step in to clear some doubts, if they can't be done by other customers. This type of feedback is mostly done by those customers that are skeptical regarding the review's pages.

Discussion forums

6- Blog posts

Some bloggers like to purchase some newly launched stuff or regular stuff from stores and like to review them on their blogs for their followers. This also increases the amount of exposure a company may receive for getting positive comments by the blogger. This is also a form of feedback as it helps for the company to know whether they should change anything or not.

Blog posts

7- Suggestions

Sometimes, customers who used a past product or service, are asked if they would like to make any changes to that product and if so, what? In this way, the customer is encouraged to participate and give some suggestions so that they can use them for ideas and make what the customer needs. It is not necessary that they act on the customer's suggestion, but it'll make the customer feel important when asked.


8- Surveys

Some websites, that are offering online services, for example ordering online, and stuff like that, can arrange to conduct some immediate surveys like when a person has just purchased a certain item, so after he is done with all the details of payment and personal info, a slider survey pops up on the screen with some choices and the customer answers 2-3 questions.


9- Phone calls

Some companies take phone numbers from their customers for delivery purposes. And after a week of receiving that order, they can contact the customer and ask them about the service and the product and how they would rate it. Sometimes, they are also asked to drop a review as well, if convenient.

Phone calls

10- Questionnaire

Sometimes, customers are asked to fill in a questionnaire form by messaging them on their phone and providing a link to bring them to that page. It isn't a big, complicated form rather it is a one-page, convenient form that is easy to fill and isn’t time taking.



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