How to choose colors for your shirt?

Posted By Buy Custom Logo
  22 Aug 2019

There are many color combinations you can make for your shirt design. Each color has a different meaning and teaming them up could produce a whole other meaning. This means that you can let your audience know about your company, just from colors alone. Here are what some of the most used and basic colors mean: Green represents peace, blue means trust, red means excitement, orange means friendly, yellow shows optimism and purple represents creativity. There are some color combinations that are used by a number of people and you could use it too.

  • Analogous color combination

For this combination, you need to choose one main color on the color wheel and the other color are beside that one main color and they are, in most cases, different shades of the main color.

  • Monochromatic color combination

For this combination, you choose a main color and add elements of white or black to make that color lighter or darker. It is usually considered as dull and boring but it can be used for formal purposes.

  • Complementary color combinations

In this combination, you choose a main color and also the color directly across from it and use them to make the design pop out and make a bold statement about your fashion.

  • Split complementary color combinations

This is almost the same as the complementary color scheme and it is done by picking one main color and then choosing the two colors on either side of the complementary color across it. This is less bold than the complementary color scheme as the colors do not directly contrast each other too much.

  • Triadic color combinations

This combination uses colors that are placed in the form of a square on the color wheel. These are mostly matching each other and look good together.

It is not necessary to use color combinations. You can also use one color and it can still look good on your design. This is the common practice of designers that they make designs in a monochromatic format to see that the designs look good without much color in them. If the designs look good in one color only, then they can also succeed using more than one color. So, that's why you can either go by one color only for your design, or choose a color combination to make it more attractive and customizable.

It is important that you choose your shirt's designs color carefully. Even if you do have a great design, if you haven't chosen a color carefully, your design will look bad as well. So, be careful not to waste your time, money and effort, just to ruin the design in the end anyway. You need to keep in mind that color is one of the important factors in your design than anything else.

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