Posted By Senior Designer Andrew
  25 Aug 2017

This post lists some examples of great logo designs and how you yourself can get a great logo design. Reading this post will let you know what factors to look at for a great logo design.

This article is providing an overview on selecting the business name over the internet or in general and providing the extensive experienced thoughts about how to get "A Brand Name" that is liked by all the imaging minds for the entire life and could leave the shadow of its image to all who will give it, their first glance. This article is to give the motivation to the business starters, as they should think a little themselves; with the business idea handy to get a business name that will never die for the audience.

I am writing with the experience of 12+ years in hand. I am designing Apps, Websites, Brochures, Logo Design, Menu Design, Product Design, Car Wrap, Software Designing, Branding, Internet Marketing & all sort of other SEO & Branding works. With the vast experience of working with clients from all over the world "From a shoe maker to the chamber of commerce or a portal for the exclusive jobs" I've dealt with the clients with less knowledge to the extensive knowledge of branding to the worldwide marketing.

When I said; you should get logo that is mindful; it meant showing the true reflection and the logic of your business in the face of your logo. There are several things that needs to be done prior of thinking about your business name, like; making your mind functional about the business name and how exactly your business logo should look alike? You may take a pen or paper and work on your own imaginations. Try drawing something that you think could represent your business. You must be confused what to draw and what to think?

Let's take an imaginary Example; What Google might have thought before drawing their logo? They might have thought that they are the technological company, IT company, Internet Company or they might have the logic of their system work in their mind as the "Search Engine" to draw something unique for them. Not only they came up with the unique name but they also worked on the simplistic look which clearly shows the logic of their system in their logo as "Made To Search The World" for the world & by the world.

Let's take another Example; What Amazon owner must be thinking while brain storming the name of the business website? E-commerce company, IT company, Technology company, Cloud company, Email company, Retailer company etc? First the business thought was made and the thought itself was Amazon. They keep it simple and unique and if you look at all of their services they are really an Amazon. Amazon forest "the world's largest forest" and it's fire is known by everyone, so does this world's largest technology and retail company is known by the world.

Fonts & Colors: There is much work needed besides choosing the name of your business, The colors & the fonts keep much importance while we talk about shaping a logo that leave its image lifetime to any audience, even if it's not of their interests. Each color has different identity and each font reflects differently. Each industry fonts use is different & each industry colors uses are different. Like, you see the logo of a movie theater using old monogram or darkish brown greenish colors or a construction company would have different colors and fonts from the logo of a Law Company. The construction company may like to use, Light Grey, Dark blue, Iron colors, Steel colors, Where as the law firm would require dark red and black color theme as per the industry, Whereas the constructions fonts could be quite classy constructional but the law firm fonts should look like more towards the professional imaginary look and would throw the reflection of law business. You can do the research on the colors & fonts that the companies/firms or businesses are using. Through this research you can also get an idea of styling or concepts drawn in your industry for the different countries around the Globe. Google images & the main search results are the best options to do some research. Your searches could lead you to the best platforms and newly ideas from different brilliant companies or designers throughout the world.

Trends & History: You might now be much interested in your brand name and how it should represent your business and your thoughts together. A little extensive research can make it really happen. The more you dig the more unique grains are there to get something too valuable for the audience. Research of the trends of your own market or industry or the research to the history of your industry will take you in to the era of an idea where your business industry was given birth by the world's most talented individuals of that century. The old brilliance when there was the time of valuable creativity through distant thoughtful concentration & focus leads the genius to get a name crafting the image of its own brand identity. There are numerous examples; Porsche, Nike, Genuine, Toyota, Cigna etc. This research will give you a chance to think broader and with a complete thorough research there is no doubt that the initial sketches that you're going to make for your brand with paper and pen in your hand will lead towards something "much unique" and meaningful that once, the imagination drawn will be converted to vector by professionals in different colors, styles and samples, your own final thoughts & the steps to finalization with the experienced brand managers will definitely get you the name "Brand" that will stay alive forever.

Last But Not Least: A little more final research is required so that everything should go perfect at the end, Google buy logo and visit the first 3-4 companies or more upon your choice. Talk to the representatives or brand managers if available at that time. Share your idea and thoughts and listen to what they suggest you. You should provide your rough drawn sketch to the only experienced branding managers who understands the seriousness, personal efforts, time & research carried to get an unique brand identity. Ask them to show multiple colors, fonts and any creativity that they can bring in your initial idea sketch drawn. Only choose the best with the same level of interest to build the brand.

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