How to boost your brand identity?

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  25 Nov 2019

What is brand identity, branding and brand?

Brand Identity:

Brand Identity is the way a brand, a company or an organization portrays itself to the public. The colors used, the designs on products, the logo and all these make up the brand identity. It is a visual representation of the brand.


It is the way a company or an organization is marketed in public.


It is the image of your company in the eyes of your audience.

These three are all interrelated but they are three different terms with different meanings although sometimes, they may be considered and used as one. Here is an example that will explain how they are interrelated with one another: Let us suppose that you own a clothing store and you want your store to be popular. This will be known as the brand as you want to achieve this image for the customers. Next, you will obviously do something to get that popularity. You are going to use advertisements and much more to market your brand so customers come in. This will be known as branding. Lastly, the designs you have on the clothes you sell and the logo you have will be known as brand identity.

Now that you have understood what the difference is between those three terms, you will know that you need to improve your brand identity to boost your brand name. Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc. have developed a great brand identity since the beginning and this is the reason for their continuous success with the customers. So, how can you increase your brand identity effectively? Here are some things you should focus on to increase brand identity effectively:

1. Logo Design

A logo is the most important thing needed by a company or an organization. It is very important for differentiating your company from other companies of the same industry. The first method for boosting your brand identity is to create a unique logo design. It should be a design that suits your company and promotes your company message but it should be creative, unique and stylish. A logo design can only be successful if it delivers the company's message properly to the target audience. Here are some ways you can improve a logo design:

a. Typography

There are many font styles that can be used in a logo. Depending on the type of industry the company falls under, the type of atmosphere maintained in the company and the type of products sold, the typography should be chosen accordingly. If a company is based on selling kid's toys, then having a comical font would seem natural and would suit them but if the font is a strong, bold one, it will look out of place and the logo will seem as if it has been designed by an amateur. So, choose a font wisely. And be careful to only stick to one font! If you have two words in your company name, it is better to write both of them with one font only and not two or it might look out of place and unprofessional.


b. Colors

The colors used in a logo design make up most of what the logo design is supposed to convey. What color is used and to portray what is very important. Each color stands for a unique message and it is the job of the designer and company owner to foresee all of this beforehand. The colors must also be used carefully and they mustn't just be splashed onto the design without care. Color schemes are available and you can use those to make it easier for yourself when choosing more than one color. If colors are properly used, they can automatically make your logo look more professional and increase your brand identity.


c. Type of logo

There are many types of logos and each one represents a special meaning. Just like how typography of the logo has to be selected by seeing which type of company it is, the type of logo must also be selected on this. If you are choosing an emblem logo for a beauty parlor, it will look out of place unless manipulated strongly. So, unless you have the required expertise and skill set, you should go with what type of logo suits your company best.


d. Logo shape

If you have chosen to make a logo with a badge type of logo or icon type of logo, you can further customize them by arranging the shape of the logo: abstract or geometric. Using abstract shapes like vertical or horizontal lines or spiral or curved shapes shows creativity and innovation. Whereas using geometric shapes like triangles, circles and rectangles will show stability and organization.


2. Tagline

Choosing a tagline is just as essential as choosing a logo type, typography and color. Since it is something that is going to be put up with a logo, it needs to be thought over carefully. It also needs to be something short and catchy so people remember it easily and it can be used anywhere. A poor tagline will affect your brand identity very badly. Most companies do not have a tagline and it's okay to not have one but if you do have one, it'll help in increasing your brand identity.


3. Website Design

Website design is one of the most important aspects nowadays as everything is becoming digitalized. Every store has a website so that customers can either order stuff from the comfort of their homes or they can browse their collection and purchase it from their stores as a walk-in customer. Judging by the look of your website, your customers will either be loyal and permanent customers or they may choose some other brand over you. It all depends on the website design. So, you need to make sure to stay on top of your game and make a website design that is bound to impress and is easy to understand and use.


4. Business Cards

Business cards are the next most common thing that are used in companies and businesses after logos and websites. Having a beautifully designed business card will save you the trouble of people forgetting your company. If you have a great design on your business cards, customers and potential partners and shareholders will be more likely to keep you in mind and not forget you easily. For business cards, it is best if you go with a simple design with just the company logo and you details. Since they are small, if you add in more elements, it'll look overcrowded and leave a bad impression. The simpler, the better. But make sure it's not too simple to the point it seems bland. Also, simple business cards have a professional air about them so you'll hit two birds with one stone.


5. Product Packaging/Shopper bags

Every company has products that they are selling. Whether it is clothes, cosmetics, creams, shoes, food, etc., they all need to be packaged for the customer when they are purchasing them. Or at least they need to be put in some shopper bags for giving to the customers. If you want a customer to remember you and want to increase your brand identity, it is better to have a customized packaging or shopper with your logo on it. This will give the customer something to remember you by and will also make your company seem professional. Whether it is a shoe box or a cosmetics set box package, it will impress your customer. And of course, you can't just slap your logo on it, rather you have to customize it carefully and make it seem different and beautiful.



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